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About Fireye®: Fireye is a leading manufacturer of flame safeguard controls and burner management systems for commercial and industrial applications around the world.

Fireye has led technological advances over the years by being the first to develop infrared scanners that monitor both gas and oil flames and scanners that differentiate between signals from adjacent burners. Additional Fireye innovations include a completely solid-state programming control, an auto diagnostics program that communicates in five different languages, and a multi-burn flame scanner that collects data about flames in three dimensions. Fireye’s ongoing research and development displays its absolute commitment to quality products and solutions for flame safety.

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Fireye Burner Controls

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Flame Safeguard & Combustion Controls

Flame Safeguard Control

Fireye® BurnerPRO Flame Safeguard Control

Flame Safeguard & Combustion Controls

Commercial & Industrial

Schools & Hospitals | Airports | Petrochemical

Plants | Power Utilities | Factories

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Fireye provides a variety of burner control flame safeguard and combustion controls to the HVAC marketplace. BurnerPROTM, BurnerLogixTM, Flame-MonitorTM and MicroM families provide safe and reliable light off of packaged burners used on commercial and industrial boilers as well as direct fired makeup air units and commercial hot water heaters.

Efficiency Control

Process Controls


Fireye Efficiency Controls

Efficiency Control

Nexus® products are used in boiler applications to not only provide the flame safeguard function, but also control burner management through parallel positioning, water level and draft control, heat loss prevention, boiler load control, and variable speed motor control to improve efficiency and lower operational costs.

Fireye Process Controls

Process Controls

Fireye Process Control products provide ignition, flame failure protection, and monitoring while providing personnel a visual indication regarding flame presence in a combustion chamber.

Fireye Burner Control Accessories


Fireye touchscreen and communication accessories provide clear communication and easy-to-use interfaces for Fireye burner controls products including flame safeguard controls and efficiency control systems.

Flame Scanners

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Integrated Flame

Discrete Single Burner Scanners

Fireye InSight® II Type 95DSS3 Integrated Flame Scanners

Integrated Scanners

UV and IR flame scanners detect the presence or absence of flame in a combustion chamber. Fireye scanners include advanced sensors and algorithms that can discriminate its target burner from adjacent flames in the same combustion chamber. Scanners can be used with all fuel types and burner configurations. The inSight® and PhoenixTM families are integrated designs which include all the appropriate detection and amplification circuitry in one compact unit.

Fireye 45UV5 Series Discrete Single Burner Scanner

Discrete Single Burners

Fireye® provides a variety of UV and IR flame scanners with both self-check and non-self-check capabilities. These scanners require a separate amplifier for a single burner or multi-burner applications. Fireye flame scanners in this category are used in conjunction with the appropriate Fireye flame safeguard controls to provide reliable flame detection on a variety of burner applications and fuel types.

Discrete Multi-Burner Scanners

Fireye 25SU3 Discrete Multi-Burner Controls Amplifier

25SU3 Controls Amplifier

The 25SU3-2100 is a Flame Safeguard Amplifier used to detect the presence or absence of a flame in a single or multi-burner environment. The Fireye 25SU3-2100 also maximizes burner discrimination with its ability to accurately differentiate the pulse rates produced by the scanners.

Fireye 25SU5 Multi-Burner Controls Amplifier

25SU5 Controls Amplifier

The Fireye Type 25SU5 Model Control, combined with remote Flame Scanners, is a repetitive self-checking flame safeguard system that confirms the flame presence or absence to provide reliable ignition and flame failure protection throughout the entire burner load range.

Fireye 45UV5 Series Scanner

45UV5 Series Scanner

Fireye Type 45UV5 scanners are self-checking, multi-burner flame sensing devices. When powered by a compatible, self-checking Fireye control, the scanners detect the presence or absence of flames that emit ultraviolet radiation (UV).

Spark Igniters & Gas Pilots

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SureFireTM Spark Igniters

SureFire Gas Pilots

Fireye Spark Igniters

SureFire Spark Igniters

SureFire igniters easily retrofit into many types of burners due to their size, BTUH capacity and their reliable operation. Fireye provides the SureFire igniter line for the reliable light off of large industrial burners and boilers in various utility applications.

Fireye Gas Pilots

SureFire Gas Pilots

Fireye provides reliable natural and forced draught gas pilots that are an effective source of ignition for oil and gas burners. The SureFire Gas Igniters are NFPA-rated as a Class 1, 2, or 3 igniter, depending on the application. SureFire IITM Gas Pilots are reliable and suitable for a majority of power, refinery and petrochem Industry applications.

Miscellaneous Specs & Historical Data

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Fireye Flame Safeguard & Combustion Control


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