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About Pyromation, Inc.: Pyromation has been manufacturing quality temperature sensors for over 50 years. The complete line includes RTD assemblies, thermocouples, thermowells, connection heads, complete temperature sensor assemblies, and a wide variety of accessories including wire, transmitters, pipe wells, connectors, and instrumentation. Special Purpose and sanitary sensors are available for most applications and industries.

Pyromation, Inc. Products

Temperature Sensing Devices & Equipment

RTD's, MgO Thermocouples, Sensors with Connection Heads, Explosion-Proof Sensors, Thermowells, Transmitters, Wire, Accessories & Instruments; Food, Dairy, & Pharmaceutical; Industrial; Plastic Industry; Special-Purpose
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Sensors with
Connection Heads


MGO Thermocouple Resistance Temperature Detectors Pyromation Connection Heads Explosion Proof Temperature Transmitter

Pyromation MgO thermocouple pipe well assemblies are a cost-effective alternative to thermowell assemblies in specific applications.

Resistance temperature detectors accurately sense temperature with an excellent degree of repeatability and interchangeability of elements.

Connection heads are available as separate components or as a part of complete temperature sensor assemblies.

Explosion-proof RTDs are designed to extinguish flames inside the device, eliminating the potential for ignition of flammable mixtures in the surrounding atmosphere.


Food, Dairy, &

Industrial Items

New Products

Pyromation Thermowell Dairy, Food, Pharmaceutical Industrial Thermocouple Bi-Metal, Multi-Point, Remote-Mount Sensors

A thermowell is a pressure-tight receptacle that protects temperature sensors in processing applications where the sensor is not mechanically or chemically compatible with the process environment.

CIP (clean in place) sanitary connection fittings are most commonly used in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processes where contamination and cleanliness is of concern.

Thermocouples are convenient and versatile devices used to measure temperature. They convert units of heat into useable engineering units that serve as input signals for process controllers and recorders.

New technology keeps Pyromation at the forefront of process control. Some of Pyromation's new products include bi-metal thermometers and multi-point temperature sensors.

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Accessories &

Thermocouple Assembly Temperature Transmitters Thermocouple wire and RTD cable jacks, terminals, connection heads, coiled rods, grips and other acessories

Teflon®-Coated Thermocouple Assemblies, Heat Tracing, Thermostat, and Rubber Compound Mixer Temperature Sensors, Abrasion-Resistant and Chemical Resistant Thermocouples, Variable Length Thermocouple Sensors.

Temperature transmitters make it possible to send a scaleable (4 to 20) mA signal from a temperature sensor to a control device without investing in long, expensive runs of thermocouple or RTD wire.

Pyromation offers a variety of sizes and gauges of thermocouple and extension wire, as well as wire insulators. They also offer special construction thermocouple wire and RTD cable, including multi-pair thermocouple extension wire.

Pyromation offers accessories such as jacks, terminals and plugs, pipe nipples, clamps, bushings and other fittings, the support products needed to install & maintain temperature sensor assemblies, connection heads, transmitters, coiled rods, grips, and flexible armor.

Plastic Industry

General Information



Temperature Sensors for Plastics Industry General Specs for Pyromation Request Quote        

For plastic molding, extrusion, and other industry processes, Pyromation produces temperature sensors for almost any application. Most are built for direct immersion into injection molding or extrusion processes.

General Specs, Materials, Limits, Calibration, & Misc.


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