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About Watson McDaniel

HD Series Pilot Operated Regulator

Watson McDaniel Company is a one-stop source of industrial steam and fluid specialty products. Watson McDaniel takes pride in manufacturing high-quality steam and fluid specialty products for the industrial marketplace - since 1878.

Watson McDaniel is an ISO 9001 Certified and ASME Qualified manufacturing company. Its manufacturing facilities are among the best in the industry. Watson McDaniel serves the global marketplace with a network of representatives, distributors, manufacturing plants, and sales offices located throughout the world.

Watson McDaniel provides cost-effective and reliable products and services. To serve this purpose, the company offers a wide array of quality products and exceptional service to its customers.

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Watson McDaniel Steam TrapsSteam Traps are essential components of any steam system. They are used to discharge condensate, air or other non-condensable gases from a steam system while preventing the loss of steam. Steam traps are generally used in drip, process and tracing applications, and come in a variety of sizes and types to effectively handle various operating conditions. Proper selection of a steam trap is mainly dependent on the application type, condensate load and operating pressure.

Watson McDaniel offers an extensive line of Steam Traps to handle virtually any application. These include Thermodynamic, Thermostatic, Float & Thermostatic (F&T),Inverted Bucket, Clean Steam and Bi-Metallic steam trap types. In addition, Manifolds are available which are used for steam distribution to tracing systems and for condensate collection.

Universal Style Steam Traps are available to simplify installation and maintenance. These traps consist of a Universal Connector and a Universal Steam Trap Module. The Universal Connector is designed to be installed into the pipeline and the Module is designed to easily connect or disconnect to the Universal Connector. Watson McDaniel offers a complete line of Universal Connectors and Universal Steam Trap Modules to handle a wide range of applications.

Watson McDaniel HD Series Regulating Valves

HD Series Regulators & Pilots

Pilot-Operated Regulators are more accurate and offer higher capacities than standard direct-operated regulators. They will maintain constant set outlet pressure even when inlet pressure fluctuates or variations in flow occur. With the proper selection of pilots, these regulators will accurately control temperature, pressure or a combination of both.

The Watson McDaniel HD Series Pilot-Operated Main Valve features a Ductile Iron body for increased pressure and temperature ratings. It is ruggedly designed for Steam Service and can be configured with a variety of pilots or pilot combinations, giving this regulating valve extreme versatility. Using the Standard Pressure (P) Pilot, outlet pressure can be reduced in the range of 3-200 PSIG, depending on the selected spring. Maximum operating pressure (PMO) for the HD Regulating Valve is 300 PSIG.

The following Pilots are available for use with the HD Regulating Valve: P (Standard Pressure Pilot), P5 (Special High-Accuracy Pressure Pilot), BP (Back Pressure Pilot), T (Standard Temperature Pilot), TRP (Lower-Range Temperature Pilot), A (Air Pilot), DP (Differential Pressure Pilot), S (Solenoid Pilot), PTL (Direct-Mounted Temperature Controller used with Air Pilot), PTR (Remote-Mounted Temperature Controller used with Air Pilot).

Watson McDaniel HSP Series Pressure Regulators

HSP Series Pressure Regulators

The Watson McDaniel HSP Series Pilot-Operated Pressure Regulating Valve is constructed of Cast Carbon Steel for higher pressure and temperature ratings. With a built-in spring-adjusted pressure pilot, this valve is specifically designed for general purpose Steam pressure reducing applications. Outlet pressure can be reduced in the range of 10-300 PSIG, depending on the selected spring. Maximum operating pressure (PMO) for the HSP Regulating Valve is 450 PSIG.

Watson McDaniel Noise Attenuators

Noise Attenuators

Noise Attenuation Equipment is used to reduce unwanted or excessive noise that commonly occurs in pressure reducing stations. Watson McDaniel Series-A, Series-H& Series-S Noise Attenuators are used in conjunction with Pressure Regulating Valves to provide noise attenuations in the range of 5-30 dBA.


Watson McDaniel Direct Operated Pressure Regulators

Direct-Operated Pressure Regulators

Watson McDaniel offers several self-contained pressure reducing valves for use with Steam, Water, Oil and other liquids & gases.

The O Series Pressure Regulators are designed for use with Steam, Air, Water and other liquids. These valves can regulate outlet pressure in the range of 0-200 PSIG, depending on the selected spring. Max inlet pressure is 250 PSIG.

The B Series Pressure Regulators are designed for use with Water, Oil, Air and other liquids& gases. These valves can regulate outlet pressure in the range of 1-125 PSIG, depending on the selected spring. Max inlet pressure is 250 PSIG.

The 455 Series are balanced, Externally-sensed Pressure Regulating Valves and are used for reducing pressure in Steam, Air and Water systems. These valves can regulate outlet pressure in the range of 1-125 PSIG, depending on the selected spring. Max inlet pressure is 250 PSIG. Externally-sensed regulators are often more accurate than internally-sensed regulators because the sensing line is connected close to the process it is intending to control and is far enough away from the outlet of the regulator to not be affected by turbulence.

The 402 & 403 Series are Internally Pilot-Operated Pressure Regulating Valves and are used for reducing pressure in Steam and Air systems. These valves can regulate outlet pressure in the range of 0-280 PSIG, depending on the selected spring. Max inlet pressure is 250 PSIG for the 402 Series and 450 PSIG for the 403 Series.

Watson McDaniel Back Pressure " Relief Valves

Back Pressure & Relief Valves

Back Pressure/Relief Valves are used to maintain a specific back pressure or to protect systems from an over-pressure condition.

Watson McDaniel R-Series & 10691 Series Back Pressure/Relief Valves are designed for low-capacity liquid service (< 20 GPM). The R-Series can be used at set pressures in the range of 1-300 PSIG, depending on the selected spring. The 10691 Series has a soft EPDM seat for tight shut-off and can be used at set pressures of 5-300 PSIG, depending on the selected spring.

Watson McDaniel 3040 Series Back Pressure/Relief Valves are designed for liquid and air service. They can be used at set pressures in the range of 1-125 PSIG, depending on the selected spring, and capacities up to 278 GPM, depending on the valve size.

Watson McDaniel Self Operating Temperature Regulating Valves

Direct-Operated Temperature Regulators

The Watson McDaniel W91 & W94 Series Self-Operating Temperature Regulating Valves are used for accurately controlling temperatures in both heating and cooling applications. These mechanically operated valves are recommended for controlling the flow on relatively stable systems, where small valve stroke modulations will control temperature drift. (For systems with sudden or large load changes, or rapid temperature changes, a pneumatically or electrically powered Control Valve should be specified.)


Watson McDaniel W910 Series Pneumatic Control Valves

W910 Series & HB Series Pneumatic Control Valves

A Control Valve is a device capable of modulating flow at varying degrees between minimal flow and full capacity in response to a signal from an external control device. The Watson McDaniel W910 Series Pneumatic Control Valve offers high quality at an economical price and incorporates many features found only on more expensive units. A variety of models are available to provide the flow response required by the application.


Watson McDaniel Electronic Controllers

Electronic Controllers, Sensors & Ancillary Products

In a process control loop, an Electronic Controller and Sensor is used in conjunction with a Control Valve to maintain a process variable at a desired set point. The controller compares the sensor signal to the set point and outputs the appropriate response signal to the control valve. The control valve will then modulate to provide the flow response required to maintain the process variable at the set point. In the case of a pneumatic control valve such as the W910 Series, a current-to-pressure (I/P) transducer is required to convert the electrical signal from the controller to the air pressure signal needed to operate the pneumatic valve.

Watson McDaniel is unique in its ability to provide all of the necessary components to create a complete control loop. Among these components are the TR890 Series Electronic PID Controller, the TA901 Electropneumatic (I/P) Transducer, the TJD/TKD Thermocouple Temperature Sensors and the TDD/TMD RTD Temperature Sensors. The TA987 Air Filter/Regulator is available for filtering and regulating plant compressed air for providing clean, dry air at the proper pressure to the W910 Series Pneumatic Control Valve. In addition, a variety of Thermowells are available to protect and isolate the temperature sensor stems from the process fluid.


"Heat Miser" Instantaneous Hot Water Heater

New Product!

The Heat Miser is an Instantaneous Steam to Water Heater that produces hot water from steam. The Watson McDaniel fully-assembled Heat Miser eliminates the need for large hot water storage tanks and saves significant energy which is required for large standing tanks of hot water.




Watson McDaniel Liquid DrainersLiquid Drainers (also known as Liquid Drain Traps) are primarily used to remove condensation from air and other non-condensable gas lines. Watson McDaniel Liquid Drainers are offered in a variety of models to handle a wide range of operating pressures and condensate loads.




Watson McDaniel Pressure Motive Pumps

Pressure Motive Pumps

The Watson McDaniel PMP Series of Pressure Motive Pumps are designed to transfer hot condensate (or other liquids) without the use of electrical power. The primary application for the PMP is pumping condensate from a process application or condensate collection area back to the condensate return system.

Stand-Alone PMP Units: Watson McDaniel manufactures seven PMP models which come complete with pump tank, check valves and internal pumping mechanism. Models PMPC (Ductile Iron), PMPF (Carbon Steel High-Pressure), PMPSS (Stainless Steel), PMPBP (Carbon Steel High-Capacity), PMPM (Cast Iron Low-Profile) and PMPLS (Carbon Steel Low-Profile) are designed for use in condensate return applications. ThePMPSP Sump Drainer is a special PMP designed for pumping water out of low-lying areas or pits. (This model is also known as "The Pit Boss.")

Watson McDaniel Pumps with Receiver Tanks

Pumps with Receiver Tanks

Watson McDaniel manufactures PMPs with Receiver Tanks. The pumps are available in Ductile Iron, Cast Iron or Fabricated Steel. The receiver tanks are manufactured from Carbon Steel. These units come fully-assembled with one or more stand-alone PMP units and an appropriately sized receiver tank, mounted on a frame and skid base. Assemblies are available in Simplex (one pump), Duplex (two pumps), Triplex (three pumps) and Quadraplex (four pumps).

Watson McDaniel Pump & Trap Combinations

Pump & Trap Combinations

A Pump-Trap Combination is used when draining condensate from a single piece of heat transfer equipment whose steam flow is being controlled with a modulating type valve. When a modulating valve controls the flow of steam to a heat exchanger, a stall condition can develop. Stall occurs when the modulating valve closes and steam pressure downstream of the valve is unable to push the condensate into the return line and it backs up into the heat exchanger. A pump-trap combination will eliminate this problem.

Watson McDaniel Pump-Traps are available with either an internal steam trap or an external steam trap to suit individual application requirements:

The WPT Series are stand-alone pump units with an appropriately sized external steam trap preassembled at the factory and mounted on a common base plate, allowing for easy installation. Pump-Trap combos with an external trap are suitable when capacity requirements exceed internal steam trap designs. These units are available in several sizes and capacities.

The Model PMPT low-profile pressure motive pump has an internal steam trap for applications requiring compact design due to spatial constraints. It is an excellent choice for drainage of various modulating process equipment.

Watson McDaniel Customized Pumping Systems

Customized Pumping Systems

Watson McDaniel's fully equipped ASME qualified manufacturing facility stands ready to assist you with all of your fabrication needs. Watson McDaniel specializes in the design of Pressure Motive Condensate Pumping Systems for both industrial and institutional applications. You can order either standard packages, available from stock, or specialized systems to meet your specific needs.


Watson McDaniel Electric Condensate Pumps

Electric Condensate Pumps

Watson McDaniel Models W4100 & W4200 Electric Condensate Pumps are available for condensate temperatures up to 190°F. The pump tanks are available in either Carbon Steel (W4100) or Cast Iron (W4200). Standard features include Bronze-fitted centrifugal pumps, energy-efficient 3450 RPM motors and heavy-duty float switch.

Available options include simplex or duplex packages, oversized or Stainless Steel receivers, gauge glass, thermometer, discharge pressure gauge, isolation valves, magnetic starter, mechanical or electrical alternators, 1750 RPM motor, NEMA control panel and high temperature (250°F) components.

Kits and Parts


Repair kits are available for products offered by Watson McDaniel, as well as retrofit or interchangeable kits for competitor products.


Watson McDaniel Specialty ProductsWatson McDaniel offers a wide range of specialty products for special purpose steam and fluid applications. These include Stainless Steel Check Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Steam Humidifiers, Air Eliminators, Air/Steam Moisture Separators, Thermostatic Air Vents, Vacuum Breakers, Freeze & Scald Protection Valves, Suction/Mixing Tees, Ejectors, Y-Strainers, Drip Pan Elbows, Exhaust Heads, Steam Trap Test Valves and Flash Steam Recovery Vessels.



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