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Watson McDaniel Condensate Return Pumps

Condensate Return Pumps are either electrically-driven centrifugal pumps or non-electric mechanical pumps that use steam pressure as the motive force to pump the condensate. Non-electric pumps are referred to as Pressure Motive Pumps (PMPs).

Sump Drainers

PMPSP Sump Drainer

The PMPSP Sump Drainer (also known as "The Pit Boss") is a special PMP designed for pumping water out of low-lying areas or pits. Sump drainers are similar to the standard PMP models except that they discharge the condensate vertically upwards. This piping configuration allows them to easily fit into below ground sump pits with limited space.

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Pumps with Receiver Tanks

Watson McDaniel Pumps with Receiver Tanks

Watson McDaniel manufactures PMPs with Receiver Tanks. The pumps are available in Ductile Iron, Cast Iron or Fabricated Steel. The receiver tanks are manufactured from Carbon Steel. These units come fully-assembled with one or more stand-alone PMP units and an appropriately sized receiver tank, mounted on a frame and skid base. Assemblies are available in Simplex (one pump), Duplex (two pumps), Triplex (three pumps) and Quadraplex (four pumps).

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Pump & Trap Combinations

Watson McDaniel Pump & Trap Combinations

Watson McDaniel Pump-Traps are available with either an internal steam trap or an external steam trap to suit individual application requirements:

The Model PMPT low-profile pressure motive pump has an internal steam trap for applications requiring compact design due to spatial constraints. It is an excellent choice for drainage of various modulating process equipment.

The WPT Series are stand-alone pump units with an appropriately sized external steam trap preassembled at the factory and mounted on a common base plate, allowing for easy installation. Pump-Trap combos with an external trap are suitable when capacity requirements exceed internal steam trap designs. These units are available in several sizes and capacities.

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Customized Skid Packages

Watson McDaniel Customized Skid Packages

Watson McDaniel's fully-equipped ASME Code Certified manufacturing facility stands ready to assist you with all of your fabrication needs. Watson McDaniel's engineering staff specializes in the design of Pressure Motive Condensate Pumping Systems for both industrial and institutional applications. You can order either standard packages, available from stock, or specialized systems to meet your specific needs. Contact factory for further information.

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Accessories & Options

Watson McDaniel Accessories and Options

Watson McDaniel Pressure Motive Pumps are available with several accessories and options. In addition to the items shown above, Watson McDaniel also offers the following accessories and options: ASME Code Stamps, Pre-Piped Pressure Regulating Valves, Drip Leg Stations and Exhaust Lines, and Rebuilt Mechanisms.

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Electric-Powered Pumps:

Electric Condensate Pumps

Watson McDaniel Electric Condensate Pumps

Watson McDaniel Models W4100 & W4200 Electric Condensate Pumps are used for condensate return applications at temperatures up to 190°F. The pump tanks are available in either Carbon Steel (W4100) or Cast Iron (W4200). Standard features include Bronze-fitted centrifugal pumps, energy-efficient 3450 RPM motors and heavy-duty float switch. Available options include simplex or duplex packages, oversized or Stainless Steel receivers, gauge glass, thermometer, discharge pressure gauge, isolation valves, magnetic starter, mechanical or electrical alternators, 1750 RPM motor, NEMA control panel and high temperature (250°F) components.

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