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About Kingston: Since 1908, F.C. Kingston has been manufacturing high quality valves for industry. KINGSTON's broad product line of Safety Valves, Check Valves, and Flow Control Valves are easily tailored to meet the demands of your application. Kingston's product line has grown over time to include custom OEM design, pressure safety, check and flow control valves.

 Kingston Valves Products:

KNG Series Safety Relief Valves

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Air Pressure Regulators

Designed and engineered for heavy-duty industrial use.

The KNG Series Safety Relief Valves are designed for accuracy and reliability. The KNG Series offers relief valves ranging from 1/2" to 3" NPT (D-J) orifice in brass, carbon steel, and stainless steel materials to service various applications.

Most KNG Series valves are ASME Section I or Section VIII National Board (NB) certified for air, gas, steam, and liquid services.


Air Pressure Regulators

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Air Pressure Regulators

Drain, unloader and regulator valves for air compressor systems.

Kingston Discharge Unloader Valve
Kingston Automatic Drain Valve
Kingston Air Pressure Regulator Valve

Discharge & Pilot Un-loader Valves

Application: Compressed Air Systems

–250°F to 350°F


Ball Valves

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Kingston Ball Valves

Controls flow of LP-gas in heating applications like burning brush or other spot heating applications.

Brass Ball Valves
Mini Ball Valves

Chrome-plated mini-ball 1/4"

Size 1/4" FxF & MxM

400 WOG / Temp. 366°F

Brass Ball Valves, Full Port Design

Sizes 1/4" to 2"

600 WOG / Temp. 366°F


Burner Valves

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Kingston Burner Valves

Opens by turning a handle attached to a ball inside the valve.

LP Burner

The Kingston Model 314 Burner Valve is designed for use with LP-gas, where a controllable flame is required for burning weeds, brush or other spot burning or heating applications. Constructed of heavy cast and bar-stock brass, precision machined for smooth operation each valve is equipped with a squeeze type control lever, Buna-N seals, and needle valve for pilot control.

The Kingston Model 314 Burner Valve has a l/4" female inlet and separate l/4" pilot and main burner outlets. Main port located on the top, pilot port on the bottom. Wire lock ring to hold valve in open position, for ease of operation.


Check Valves

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Kingston Check Valves

Allows flow in only one direction for non-return air and liquid applications.

Horizontal Check Valves
Vertical Check Valves

Vertical and Horizontal

High Flow Rates

5 to 400 PSI / 250°F to 400°F

1/8" to 2"


Flow Control Valves

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Kingston Flow Control Valves

Controls the flow of pressure of air, liquid or gas through the valve.

Floor & Upholstery
Heavy Duty Flow Control

Quick Opening - Self Closing

Stem, Seal, Lever, Spring options

Water, Oil, Gas, Steam

1200 PSI

1/8" to 1.25"


Lift & Hoist Valves

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Lift & Hoist Valves

Controls operation of various lifting devices utilizing compressed air or oil as a power source.

Hoist Control Valves
Pneumatic Control Valves
Low Flow Side Port Air Control Valve
High Flow Side Port Air Control Valve

Two Step Air Control, Hoist Control

Compressed Air / Oil Options

Pressure to 200 PSI


Oil Lubricator Valves

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Oil Lubricator Valve Model 145G

Needle valves used to control the flow of lubricant to a variety of systems.

Full Flow Sight Feed Lubricating Valves
The Full Flow style lubricator, available in gravity feed only, has the following added features:
1. "Locked Open" or "Momentary" Full Flow with automatic return to the previously adjusted flow rate.
2. Feed control adjustment is vibration proof

Vertical Sight Feed Lubricating Valves
All Kingston "40" Series Sight Feed Lubricators are of bronze construction, designed for durability.
The long taper needle stem provides easy, accurate adjustment of the lubrication rate.


Safety Valves

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Kingston Safety Valves

Prevents the pressure in a system from exceeding a preset limit by venting excess flow.

Code Safety Valves
Non-Code Safety Valves
Side Outlet Safety Relief Valves

ASME NB/UV, CRN Coded & Non-Coded

Brass or Stainless Steel

5 to 600 PSI / -250°F to 400°F

1/8" to 1"


Solenoid Valves

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Kingston Solenoid Valves

Industrial grade valves controlled via electro-mechanical solenoid actuation.

Car Wash Systems
Industrial Flow Control

The Kingston Model BV Industrial Solenoid Valves are designed for applications requiring the durabilty of brass and stainless steel construction. These high performance normally-closed flow control valves are individually tested to 180 psi and precision manufactured from non-corrosive, 123 ingot red brass. Kingston Model BV Industrial Solenoid Valves have been in production for over 35 years and are built to perform.

Some Industries Served by Kingston Valves:

Car Wash Systems | Carpet Cleaning | Compressed Air Systems | Cryogenic | Steam Applications | Industrial Flow Control | Lift & Hoist | LP Burner | Oil Lubricators | Pressure Washing | Stainless Steel

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