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About Moore Industries: Moore Industries was established in 1968 by its founder and president Leonard W. Moore. Best known for product quality and reliability, Moore Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of interface instruments for industrial process control, system integration, and factory automation.

Moore Industries products are used in industries such as: chemical and petrochemical; power generation and transmission; petroleum extraction, refining and transport; pulp and paper; food and beverage; mining and metal refining; pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; industrial machinery and equipment; water and wastewater; and environmental and pollution monitoring.

power controller diagramProcess Controllers by Moore Industries precisely control and monitor a temperature, pressure, level, or flow process variable in batch and continuous processes, or back up critical or safety-related loops controlled by PLC, DCS and PC-based systems.

Is local control and indication important to you? If so, this line of controllers and backup stations, available in both 1/4 DIN panel mount and Field mount NEMA 4X versions, may be the answer.

Rugged Construction

  • NEMA 4X 1/4 DIN panel and field mount versions
  • Thick damage resistant keys
  • EMI/RFI resistance
  • Input/output isolation

Operator Interface

  • 3 line vacuum fluorescent display
  • English prompts and messages
  • 2 color backlit keys indicate controller state


  • Single and dual loop PID control for temperature or process applications
  • Feed forward/feedback, Cascade, and Ratio control
  • Chlorination/dechlorination control for water and waste water treatment
  • PID backup and Auto/manual stations that are not a point of failure

Description and Specs

Powers 330 electronic process monitor  
Model 330R DIN Powers Process Monitor The PowersTM 330 is a 1/8 DIN process monitor with universal input that is multi-functional and microprocessor based. The 330 can function as a panel meter and trip (alarm), or as a panel meter with two trips (alarms), analog transmitter and digital transmitter with the addition of the RS 485 serial communications option.
330R Spec Sheet
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Powers 330 process monitor  
Model 531 DIN Powers Process Controller The PowersTM 1/4 DIN PLC, DCS, PC Process Controllers Backup Station provide "bumpless" automatic PID control backup for critical loops controlled by PLC, DCS or PC-based systems by automatically taking control of the loop should the host control signal be lost.
Model 531 Spec Sheet
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1/4 DIN Process Controller  
Model 535 Single Loop Process Controller These multifunction Model 535 1/4 DIN Single Loop Process Controllers provide PID control of any analog process variable (temperature, pressure, level and flow) in batch and continuous process applications.
Model 535 Spec Sheet
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535 Powers Profile Controller  
535 Profile Controller 535 Profile Controller Option: When a 535 is specified as a profile controller, the SET PT (setpoint key) is replaced at the factory with a RUN key to facilitate operation. Setpoint access is available through use of the DISPLAY key. All functions are described in the manual supplement. The 535 with profile option, provides full ramp and soak capability.
Model 535p Spec Sheet
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Dual Loop Advanced Controller  
545 Dual Loop Controller The 545 1/4 DIN Controller continues with all the features and options found on the Model 535. In addition, PowersTMhas expanded the role the 545 can play in solving your process control needs.
Model 545 Spec Sheet
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555 DIN Controller  
555 Chlorination Controller The 555 1/4 DIN Chlorination Controller provides the water and wastewater treatment industry an automatic and accurate means to control chlorine in potable and wastewater applications.
Model 555 Spec Sheet
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Powers Field Mount  
600 Field Mount Applications where local control and indication are important can now be located almost anywhere eliminating the need to fabricate an instrument cabinet. The Field Mount controller can be mounted to a wall or existing pipe with an optional kit.
OBSOLETE, but M&M can provide a substitute
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