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Firetron Cell for Infrared Scanners
Firetron Cell for 48PT1 Infrared Scanner
Firetron Cell for 48PT2 infrared scanners
Firetron Cell for 48PT2 Infrared Scanner.
C-Series, D-Series and Flame-Monitor.
Fireye Ultraviolet Tube for 45UV Flame Monitor Controls
Ultraviolet Tube for use in 45UV5-1005, 1009, 45UV2, 45UV3-1050, C-Series, D-Series and Flame-Monitor controls.
6-220 , 6-221
Fireye Run-Reset Switch for MB System
Run-Reset Switch for MB System (6-220)
Fireye Start Switch MB Systems
Start Switch MB System (6-221)
Fireye Plug-in Relay for MB Systems 120 VAC
Plug-in Relay for MB Systems 120VAC RL1, RL2, RL3
Fireye Plug-in Relay for FE-5 Smoke System Control 27PH7
Plug-In relay for FE-5 Smoke system control 27PH7
Fireye UV1A Scanner Orifice Plugs
Set of 3 Orifice Plugs. Drilled 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/2". Pipe Thread. Also available: 10-15, Blank orifice plug for drilling to any size required. For use with UV1A Scanner
27-196 , 27-197 , 27-198
Accessory for Fireye MB Series Panel (Indicating Light Assembly)
Indicating Light Assembly
27-196 AMBER, 27-197 RED,
27-198 WHITE
For use with MB Series Panel
Fireye Smoke System Bellows for 27RL1 FE4 System
Smoke system bellows for use with 27RL1 FE-4 System.
Fireye Heat Insulator
Heat Insulator. Reduces conduction of heat from sight pipe to scanner. Used with 48PT1, 48PT2, UV-1A. 1/2" pipe connection.
35-127-1 (NPT)
35-127-3 (BSP)
Fireye Epoxyglass Insulating Nipples
Heating insulating nipples (Epoxyglass) for use with 45UV2, 45UV5. 1-inch pipe size, male both ends. Used to reduce conduction of heat from scanner mount to scanner.
Fireye FE-3/27VH6 Ringelman Scale Replacement Meter
Replacement Meter Ringelman Scale for FE-3/27VH6 Smoke Density Control.
Fireye Flame Signal Meter
Flame Signal Meter for 26RJ8, 26SJ5, 29RF5. Indicates LOW and NORMAL flame signal strength. |
Fireye triplet multimeter
Versatile Triplet multimeter for checking flame signal continuity, line voltage and other control circuit functions.
Fireye Flame Signal Meter 0-25 Input
Flame Signal Meter. 0-25 Input.
Fireye Flame Signal Meter
Flame Signal Meter for 25RU8-4580 and 25SU5-4018. Scale 0-15 volts D.C. 20,000 ohms per volt.
Fireye Panel Voltmeter
Panel voltmeter 0-14VAC, 2 1/2 inches, for 30CK6. The meter is shown here inside the 55AF2 strip chart recorder.
Fireye 30 Percent Meter for 27RL1
30% Meter for 27RL1
Fireye Replacement Meter for FE-5
Replacement Meter for FE-5 27PH7-1000 Smoke System control.
Fireye Flame Meter 4-20ma
Flame Meter, 2 1/4" square, 4-20ma
Fireye Horizontal Flame Meter
Flame Meter, horizontal, 4-20ma
Fireye Quartz Lens
Quartz Lens for use in 45UV5-1000, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, and 1009 Scanners.
Fireye Quartz Lens
Quartz Lens. Used with 45UV3 to increase scanner sensitivity. Replaces quartz window in scanner.
Fireye Lens for 45RM1/RM2 Scanners
Focal length 1 1/8 inch. Lens for 45RM1/RM2 scanners.
Fireye flame-monitor E100 mounting screw
Flame-Monitor E100 Mounting Screw
Fireye Flame Monitor E110 Mounting Screw
Flame-Monitor E110 Mounting Screw
Fireye pressure-tight mounting adapter
Pressure-tight mounting adapter. Used to prevent positive pressure in breeching from reaching light source (44DU2) and scanner (47EM4) in FE-5 smoke density systems.
Fireye Swivel Mounting Adapter
Swivel Mounting Adapter. Simplifies scanner sighting. Used with 48PT1, 48PT2 and UV1A. 1/2" pipe connection.
Fireye Flame Signal Attenuator
Flame Signal attenuator permits reducing flame signal amplified sensitivity 40% for test purposes. Used in testing 6000 series FP and FJ controls.
Fireye Sealing Union with Pyrex Window
Sealing union with pyrex window. Seals scanner sight pipe against excessive firebox pressure. 100 p.s.i.g. rating. Used with 48PT1, 48PT2, 1/2" pipe connection.
Fireye Sealing Union with Quartz Window
Sealing union with quartz window. Seals scanner sight pipe against excessive firebox pressure. 1" pipe thread. Used with 45UV1, 45UV2, 45UV3, 45UV5.
60-1257 , 60-1290
Fireye Sealing Union with quartz window or lens
Sealing union with quartz window (60-1257). 60-1290 has quartz lens to increase scanner sensitivity. For use with UV1A/UV1B scanners.
60-1664-3 (NPT)
60-1664-4 (BSP)
Fireye scanner swivel mount
Scanner swivel mount for use with 45UV2, 45UV3, 45UV5. Simplifies scanner sighting.
Fireye line filter for flame-monitor
Line Filter for FLAME-MONITOR
Fireye Shutter and Bracket Assembly
Shutter and Bracket Assembly for 45UV5-1005 thru -1009.
Fireye shutter bracket and lens assembly
Shutter, Bracket, and Lens Assembly for 45UV5-1005 thru -1009.
Fireye Lens Cap replacement for all 48PT models
Lens Cap (standard). Replacement for all 48PT1 and 48PT2 models.
Fireye 20% calibration screen for smoke systems
20% calibration screen for FE-4 and FE-5 smoke systems.
Fireye Lens and Baffle Assembly for FE-5 smoke system source
Lens and Baffle assembly for FE-5 smoke system source 44DU2-1000.
Fireye Lens and Baffle Assembly for FE-5 smoke system receiver
Lens and baffle assembly for FE-5 smoke system receiver 47EM4-1000.
Fireye shutter drive circuit board
Shutter drive circuit board for dual 45UV5-1005 scanners.
Fireye Lens Holder Accessory
Lens holder for 45UV2, 45UV5 and 45RM1/2
Fireye FE-4 Smoke System Reflector
FE-4 smoke system reflector.
Fireye Alarm Bell with Adjustable Volume
Alarm bell. 115 VAC. Mounts on 3" or 4" round box. Three-inch diameter bell rotates to adjust volume.
Weatherproof Fireye Alarm Horn
Alarm horn. 115VAC. Weatherproof construction. Also available. P.N 104-16 for 115 VDC; 104-17 for 220VAC; 104-18 for 220VDC.
Fireye 40% calibration screen for smoke control
40% calibration screen for smoke control 27RL1 FE-4.


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