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Fireye EPD Programmer Modules


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Fireye EPD Programmer Modules

    Bulletins:   EPD-1601,    EPD-2601,    EPD-3801

Fireye EPD Programmer ModuleThe EPD programmers offer a cost effective version of the Flame-Monitor control. EPD style programmers provide the same start-up programming, safe start check, and flame monitoring supervision as their counterpart EP style programmers. The major difference between EP and EPD style programmers is that the EPD programmers incorporate a built-in display consisting of seven (7) LED indicator lights to annunciate the current operating status of the Flame-Monitor control, as well as the reason of the last lockout condition. EPD programmers provide a switch-selectable option that requires the air flow switch (terminals 3-P) to be open at the start of the operating cycle. The EPD programmers include an RJ45 style connector to interface with a remote alpha-numeric display (P/N ED510) 1 and two (2) RJ style connectors to connect to an E500 communication interface.

The EPD programmers do not require the ED510 alpha-numeric display to operate. The ED510 display is optional for EPD programmers, but is required for the EP-style programmers.

The EPD Flame-Monitor System can be upgraded to include an E300 Expansion Module (remote ED510 alpha-numeric display required). A set of test jacks located on the front of the programmer module provide a 0-10 VDC output to indicate flame signal strength.

Part Number Description
EPD160 30 Sec. Purge, 10 & 15 Sec. TFI, Non-Recycle Modulation
EPD161 30 Sec. Purge, 10 & 30 Sec. TFI, Non-Recycle, Modulation
EPD170 30 Sec. Purge, 5 & 10 Sec. TFI, Early Spark Termination, Non-Recycle, Modulation
EPD260 30 Sec. Purge, 10 & 15 Sec. TFI, Recycle, Modulation
EPD261 30 Sec. Purge, 10 & 30 Sec. TFI, Recycle, Modulation
EPD270 30 Sec. Purge, 5 & 10 Sec. TFI, Early Spark Termination, Recycle, Modulation
EPD380 30 Sec. Purge, 5 & 10 Sec. TFI, Recycle, No Modulation
EPD381 15 Sec. Purge, 5 & 10 Sec. TFI, Recycle, No Modulation
EPD382 0 Sec. Purge, 5 & 10 Sec. TFI, Recycle, No Modulation
EPD390 90 Sec. Purge, 5 & 10 Sec. TFI, Recycle, No Modulation

CautionCAUTION: While programmers are mechanically interchangeable in that they mate with a common wiring base, you should select the correct model for your application. Inappropriate application of a control could result in an unsafe condition hazardous to life and property. Selection of a control for a particular application should be made by a competent professional, such as a boiler/burner service technician licensed by a state or other government agency.

General Comments

  • EPD100 and EPD200 series programmers provide an additional 30 second low-fire purge.
  • All programmers offer selectable Prove Air Flow (3-P circuit) Open To Start feature.
  • All programmers have 4 second FFRT.
  • EPD Style Programmers include a built-in LED display.
1. The EPD programmers must have an Engineering code of 02 or higher to interface with an ED510 display

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