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Accessories, Options & Tools

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Red Set Hand
Overload Stop Special Dial Maximum
Vacuum Stop Optional
Stationary Red Set Hand Overload Stop Special Dial Maximum Pointer Weksler Vacuum Stop Optional Windows
Stationary Red Set Hand indicates a specific pressure. Ring must be removed to move the hand. Overload Stop protects gauge system against extreme overpressure. Special Dial ranges different from standards, or custom artwork, available on application. Maximum Pointer available for gauges 4 1/2" size and larger. Indicates maximum pressure attained. Protects low range gauges against vacuum. · Plastic Disc
· Laminated
  Safety Glass
· Nonglare Glass
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Electric Warning Contacts

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Weksler Electric Warning Contacts
Warning Contacts

4 1/2" case styles#2*, #4, #6, "A"
6" case styles#2, #4, #6, "A"

Benefits & Features

• High impact polycarbonate enclosure for ambient temperature up to 150°F
• Full scale contact adjustment from front of enclosure
• Available on ranges 30 psi and up
• Magnetically assisted, silver alloy contact
• Accuracy ±2% of scale arc (add to instrument accuracy)
• Rated for 1/4 amp. 110 volt AC non-inductive load


Test Gauge Carrying Case

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Test Gauge Carrying Case

Benefits & Features

This rugged blow-molded high-density polyethylene carrying case accommodates the standard 4 1/2," 6 & 8 1/2" analog test gauges. It accepts both lower and back connect gauges. A foam insert protects the gauge when not in use. Type No. 2505.


Weksler Tools

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Flush Mounting Ring

Flush Mounting Ring

Used to flush-mount 4 1/2" and 6" Royal and bellows type gauges. Standard finish is black; polished stainless steel finish is available at an extra charge, 4 1/2" and 6".

Ring Wrench - 4 1/2" & 6"

Ring Wrench

For installing front threaded rings in:
4 1/2" #2, #4 safety cases
6" #4 aluminum safety cases

Pressure Snubbers

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Filter Type

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Filter Type Snubbers

Filter Type

3/8" Diameter x 1/8" Thick
Micro Metallic Stainless Steel Filter

Benefits & Features

Snubbing element consists of a 3/8" diameter x 1/8" thick Micro Metallic stainless steel filter. When placed in the line just before the pressure gauge, the gauge pointer moves across the scale at a rate which is proportional to the pressure differential across the snubber element.

Piston Type

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Piston Type Snubber

Piston Type

Piston Type Pressure Snubber

Benefits & Features

Shocks and pulsations are absorbed in the doughnut-shaped orifice (O) formed by the piston (P) in the tube. As the piston moves up and down with the pulsation, it automatically clears away any sediment or pipe scale that would clog a simple orifice or needle valve.

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Adjustable Snubber

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Adjustable Snubber


Adjustable Pressure Snubber

Benefits & Features

The Universal Adjustable Snubber has a ball check cut-off to block line surges, shock waves and fluid hammer; and an adjustable fine thread choke valve to tune out line pulsations.

Gauge Cocks, Needle Valves, Siphons

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Tee Handle
Cock (A10)
Heavy Duty Tee
Handle (A10E)
Lever Handle
Cock (A12)
Bar Stock
Needle Valve (Brass) BBV4
Bar Stock
Needle Valve (AV34)
Tee Handle Cock Heavy Duty Tee Handle Lever Handle Cock Bar Stock Needle Valve Bar Stock Needle Valve Weksler Siphon
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