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Sterlco Sterling Steam Control Products

Steam Traps; Float & Thermostatic (F&T), Radiator Traps, Inverted Bucket

Float & Thermostatic steam traps (F & T Traps) are preferred for efficient, economical vacuum, and pressure service. Sterlco® Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are commonly used wherever complete and rapid removal of condensate is essential. Install F&T traps in steam applications such as Instantaneous Heaters, Steam Humidifiers, Steam-Jacketed Vessels, Unit Heaters, Sterilizers and other similar equipment.

Sterlco® F&T Steam Trap

Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets

Benefits & Features

F&T Trap FT-69
Model FT-69 Steam Trap

The Sterlco® Float and Thermostatic (F&T) Trap contains a balanced pressure thermostatic air vent and main float operated valve for condensate removal. Air initially has free access to discharge until surrounded by high temperature which closes the vent. As condensate fills the trap body, the float rises, opening the main valve and discharging the condensate as it is received. The F&T is a fully modulating type trap that responds immediately or continuously to condensate discharge. The liquid level within the body is preset above the main valve, assuring that, when discharging, the orifice sees only liquid, thereby preventing the loss of live steam.

Sterlco Steam Traps are engineered to operate at the highest efficiency. Industries served include commercial and industrial HVAC, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, schools, power utilities, refineries and petrochemical applications.

F&T Trap FT-90
Model FT-90
F&T Trap FT-92 Sterling Steam Trap
Model FT-92
Sterling F&T Steam Trap FT-94
Model FT-94
F&T Steam Trap FT-96
Model FT-96

Thermostatic Radiator Traps (The Smart Trap)

Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets

Radiator Steam Traps Benefits & Features

In a trap which is cold, or which is full of condensate below the boiling point, the Sterlco® thermostat remains compressed because of its internal vacuum. The trap is open and condensate flows out.

Whenever live steam strikes the bellows, the water inside the thermostat starts to vaporize or boil. As soon as the steam pressure inside the thermostat becomes almost equal to the steam pressure surrounding the thermostat, the spring action of the bellows causes it to extend itself and close the trap. Because the thermostat is filled with pure water, the relationship of inside and outside pressures is always the same. This trap will always pass condensate and hold back steam in spite of any variations in steam pressure.

Radiator Smart Trap

Thermostatic Radiator Trap Low Pressure 750a

The Sterlco® Low Pressure Radiator Trap (The Sterlco® Smart Trap) will operate efficiently regardless of steam pressure variation. All thermostats and seats are replaceable without shimming or adjustment. Every trap is thoroughly tested. Components are inspected and tested during manufacture; completed traps undergo complete operating tests before shipment.

High Pressure Radiator Trap

High Pressure Thermostatic Trap

The Sterlco® High Pressure Thermostatic Trap operates efficiently with pressures of 5 to 125 PSI and is applicable to all types of high pressure steam systems and steam process equipment such as sterilizers, coffee urns, pipe coils, etc. Its purpose is to efficiently drain water and vent air from steam equipment and to prevent the flow of steam into return piping. Sterlco® High Pressure Traps are manufactured in three sizes for handling capacities of 125 to 4,500 lbs. / hour.

900 Series Low Pressure Radiator Trap

900 Series Thermostatic Radiator Trap Low Pressure

The Sterlco® 900 Series Low Pressure Radiator Trap is applicable to all types of low pressure or sub-atmospheric steam heating systems and operates efficiently with pressures from 25" vacuum to 25 PSI. Its purpose is to efficiently drain water and vent air from a radiator or heating element and to prevent steam from entering return piping. The trap is manufactured in three sizes for handling capacities of 30 to 175 lbs./hr. and in six patterns which permit easy installation with a minimum of pipe fittings.


  • Simple, rugged construction
  • Sensitive thermostatic action
  • Minimum wear on working parts
  • Freedom from clogging
  • Thorough tests
  • Minimum maintenance

Sterlco® Inverted Bucket

Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets

Benefits & Features

Sterlco Inverted Bucket Trap
Inverted Bucket Traps

Designed for extended service and low maintenance with medium and high pressure steam. Sterlco® Bucket Traps feature an inverted bucket design with corrosion resistant stainless steel parts for optimal performance with blast coils, laundry equipment, hot water heaters, steam kettles and a broad range of industrial and process applications.

  • Available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-12", 2" and 2-1/2" sizes to meet nearly every industrial and process application
  • High strength cast iron bodies
  • Low maintenance - tolerates dirty steam - for maximum service life and reliability
  • Immediate condensate discharge at saturated steam temperature
  • Meets MIL Spec WWT-696

On start up, the bucket, by its own weight, rests on the trap bottom. The main valve is open, allowing the discharge of air and non-condensables. As condensate fills the body, it creates a seal on the open end of the bucket, which then becomes buoyant and rises, closing the main valve. Condensate, however, continues to enter the trap and force the air within the bucket out through the vent hole, causing it to lose its buoyancy and sink, opening the main valve to discharge. Condensate is discharged until steam reaches the trap and fills the bucket, which regains buoyancy and the operating cycle is repeated.


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