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Powers Products

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Mechanical Mixer Part No. 141-650

Mechanical Metering Valve No. 141-820

Powers Under the Counter Mixer discontinued




Powers mechanical metering valve


Mechanical Metering Valve


Benefits & Features:

Under-the-Counter mechanical mixer with 3/8 in compression inlets/outlet and integral checks for lavatory applications.

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Benefits & Features:

Features a chrome plated brass push button that is self-closing and tamper resistant. When activated, the valve opens to allow water flow for a preset time (up to 60 seconds), then automatically closes. The button can be pushed at any time to restart the timer. All operating and wearing parts are contained in an easy to replace cartridge. All surfaces are easy to clean stainless steel or chrome plate.


Shower Arm & Flange Part No. 141-198

HydroGuard Checkstops

HydroGuard Arm & Flange


Arm & Flange


Powers HydroGuard Check stops




Benefits & Features:

Standard and deluxe arms and flanges, chrome plated.

Benefits & Features:

Rugged bronze valves ease valve repair and minimize risk of cross flow. Sweat and threaded versions, straight or angle models available.

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In-Line Diverter Valves/Exposed Diverters

HydroGuard Handshowers

HydroGuard In-Line and Exposed Diverters




Powers Hand Showers




Benefits & Features:

Concealed and exposed diverters for multi-spray/outlet applications.
Part Nos. 141-600B, 141-600E & 141-600F / 141-700

Benefits & Features:

Available for a wide variety of shower designs. ADA compliant models available.


Hose Coupling Part No. 141-804A

Remodeling Plate for e420, Part #420-239

Powers Quick Disconnect


Quick Disconnect


HydroGuard Remodeling Plate


Remodeling Plates


Benefits & Features:

Quick release house coupling. Chrome plated.

Benefits & Features:

Stainless and chrome plated remodeling escutcheons for use with all Powers bath and shower valves.

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Commercial Grade Showerheads

HydroGuard Thermometers

Powers HydroGuard Showerhead




HydroGuard Thermometers


HydroGuard Thermometers


Benefits & Features:

A complete assortment of commercial grade shower heads including fixed head, adjustable, wall mount, vandal resistant and ABS models.

Benefits & Features:

Stainless dial thermometers for use with HydroGuard master mixing valves and systems.


HydroGuard Tub Spouts

HydroGuard Vacuum Breakers

Powers HydroGuard Tub Spouts


Tub Spouts


Powers HydroGuard Vacuum Breakers


Vacuum Breakers


Benefits & Features:

Diverter, non-diverter models in brass and ABS.

Benefits & Features:

In-line or elevated models for hand showers and other commercial applications.


HydroGuard Flow Control Part # 141-305

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Powers HydroGuard Flow Volume Control


Volume Control


Powers 141-903 ball joint adjustable showerhead


Brass Showerhead with Polished Chrome Finish


Benefits & Features:

Shower head volume regulator. Chrome plated.

Benefits & Features:

Ball-joint adjustable showerhead with wall bracket and anchor plate. Adjustable spray.


  • Sizes 1-3/4 in. and 2-3/4 in.
  • Adjustable ball-joint, wall-mount design
  • Adjustable spray
  • Brass construction with polished chrome finish
LFLM496-HTK hot water tank extender


Hot water tank extender


Benefits & Features:

The LFLM496-HTK hot water tank capacity extender increases hot water capacity by as much as 133%, depending on storage and cold water temperature flow. Allows hot water tank to be set at higher temperature to minimize the occurrence of Legionella and other water-borne bacteria. Temperature control to ASSE 1017 and ASSE 1070 down to 0.5 gpm. Adjustable temperature selection with lock down. Advance thermal actuator for precise control. Integral checks and screens prevent cross-flow and contamination.


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Series LF460 Alarm, Model LF4600150 Temperature Alarm System

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Water Tempering Recirculation Systems

AquaSentry2 Temperature Alarm System

Monitors for high or low temperature conditions. The system utilizes an accurate solid state temperature sensor and microprocessor based digital circuitry to sense and report abnormal temperature conditions. Standard sensing range
is –40°F to 199°F or –40°C to 93°C (switchable).

Benefits & Features

The alarm panel can be mounted remotely and provides both audible and visual indication of alarm condition. With the addition of a solenoid, the alarm can function as an emergency shutdown system. A unique latching circuit is used so that the alarm holds despite a return to normal condition. This feature indicates that a dangerous condition did exist. The alarm can be silenced at any time by pressing the reset key. After the temperature returns to normal, the system can be reset by pressing the reset key twice. The system cannot be reset while the temperature is outside the setpoints. The alarm module can be panel mounted, or installed in a standard 4 x 4 electrical wall box (supplied).

Photo Processing/Specialty

FotoGuard/FotoPanel Series 440
Thermostatic Tempering for Film Processing

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Thermostatic Tempering for Film Processing

Powers 440 Series

Fotoguard and Fotopanel

Benefits & Features

Powers Series 440 water mixing valves consist of a thermostatic mixing valve, separate volume control & shutoff valves, volume control, inlet strainer checkstops and 1/2 in. NPT inlets and outlets. Powers Series 440 Fotopanel with union strainer checkstops consist of a thermostatic mixing valve, separate volume control & shutoff valves, dial thermometer with recalibration screws, vacuum breaker mounted in outlet, all enclosed in a stainless steel panel and cabinet for wall or deck mounting and 1/2 in. inlets and outlet.

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Other Specialty Items

Pressureguard Pressure Balancer Product 410-0063

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Powers PressureGuard

Powers PressureGuardTM

The PressureGuardTM installs in the supply waterlines to individual mixing fixtures to eliminate troublesome and unsafe pressure fluctuations between hot and cold water lines.

Benefits & Features

For control of inlet pressures to 2-handle valves or mechanical mixing valves. This unit can be used in front of two hand valve sets or mechanical single lever mixing faucets. Consists of replaceable cartridge with anti-lime pressure equalizing chamber. Provide access for concealed installations. 1/2 in. NPT pipe connections. The PressureGuardTM is not a mixing valve, but acts on both supply water lines to equalize the pressures and eliminate the discomfort that results when someone uses a flush-valve, dishwasher or other fixtures.

HydroGuard® HT115 High Temperature ShutOff Device

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Powers Shutoff Valve

HT115 Series

HydroGuard High Temperature Shut-Off Device

Benefits & Features

Designed to provide thermostatic protection for the shower. If the temperature during the shower reaches 115°F (46°C) this device instantly reduces the flow to less than 0.25 gpm (from 2.5 gpm). Once the temperature drops below 115°F (46°C) the HT115 automatically resets and resumes the full flow within seconds. It is ideal for use with two handle, single handle, pressure balance and temperature control valves. It is easy to install and can be used for new or existing application.

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