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Spence Control Valves

"Intimidator" Type J; The "Kombat" Series K; The "BOSS" Series D Valves

"Intimidator" Type J1 & J2 Valves

Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Intimidator Type J

Model Descriptions

Type J1 Single Seat, Unbalanced, Cast Iron, NPT, 36" or 60" Actuator, ½"-2"
Type J2 Single Seat, Unbalanced, Cast Iron, NPT, 36" or 60" Actuator, ½"-2"

Benefits & Features

The J Valve is a pneumatic, globe style, control valve featuring a compact, efficient design that provides greater flow capacity and performance than comparable models, at an economical price. Available in cast iron and 316 stainless steel, ½ to 2 inch threaded or flanged. The J valve comes standard with 316 SS Trim and has a wide variety of orifice and packing options to meet your application. The powerful field reversible actuators are available with positioners, controllers, amplifiers, relays, and other accessories.



The "Kombat" Series K Valve

Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets       

Kombat Series K Valve

Model Descriptions

Type K1 Single Seat, Unbalanced, Bronze, , NPT, 36" or 60" Actuator, ½"-2"
Type K3 3-way, Balanced, Bronze, , NPT, 36 or 60" Actuator, ½"-2"
Type K4 Single Seat, Unbalanced, Cast Iron, 125# Flg, 60" Actuator, 2-1/2"-4"
Type K5 Same as K1 w/ Electric Actuator, Fail Closed
Type K6 Same as K1 w/ Electric Actuator, Fail Open
Type K7 Same as K3 w/ Electric Actuator

Benefits & Features

The K Valve is a ½"- 4" bronze or cast iron globe valve that is available with an electric or pneumatic actuator. The pneumatic Kombat control valve is a high thrust, compact actuator that offers the muscle required to positively position plug in response to the control signal. It is available in a 36 and 60 square inch actuator size with stainless steel internals to match different operating conditions. The Kombat electric control valve has a high thrust motor that permits shutoff to 400psi and a rapid response that fully strikes the valve in less than 15 seconds.



The "BOSS" Series D Valve

Design & Operation

Spec & Tech Sheets       

The Boss Series D Valve

Model Descriptions

Type D1 Cage Style, Cast Iron, Balanced, NPT or Flg, 4 Actuator Sizes, 2-8"
Type D2 Cage Style, Cast Steel, Balnced, NPt or Flg, 4 Actuator Sizes, 2-8"

Benefits & Features

The Boss D series is a cage guided control valve with a superior design that provides exceptional performance up to Class VI. The balanced plug design provides smooth, high pressure control and the ability to use a smaller pneumatic actuator. The Boss control valve is an excellent choice for high capacity commercial applications and is available in end connections through 8" with pneumatic and electric actuators. Cast Iron Boss D bodies can be used for commercial applications such as building heat, water heating, laundries, and cookers



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