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No. Description No. Description
3.20E+01 Economy Verision of 320000 83901C /16th DIN Ana. Temp Controller
95333 Cal Cntrl Panel Clamp 845.2JD 8000 Temp Cntrl, 230V 0-200C
301610 1/16 DIN SINGLE ADAPTER 8571KN Cal Control 8000 115V
320000 1/32 DIN CAL 3200 115 / 230V 90351A Power Socket, MA-115V
320003 1/32 DIN 115 / 230V RED LED's 93110000E Cal Cntrl std. 2)Rly 100-240
320040 3200 Cal Cntrl 12V 94000000E 9400 Cntrl SSR and Relay Gray
320050 3200 Cal Control 24VOLT 1/32 95001PA000 9500 1/16 Din Cntrl
901090 Relay for 99101F 10VDC/250VAC 95001PA200 Cal 9500 SSD/RLY Snsr Input
901190 SP1=RLY, SP2=RLY, 9900 Board 95001PA20Q 9500P PrgrmCntrl 1)Rly SnsrIN
32001210 MIC 3200  CNTL/ RLY OUT 1/32 95111PA000 9500P Prgrm Cntrl 3)Rly SnsrIN
32001211 MIC 3200 1/32 DIN CONT 95111PA00E 9500P Prgrm Cntrl 3)Rly SnsrIN
32001212 1/32 DIN CNTRL RLY OUTP & SSR  95111PA400 9500P 1/16 Din 2)rly output
32002101 MIC3200, SSR OUT, RLY ALM 1 OU 95111PB00E 9500P Prgrm Cntrl 4-20mA
32002112 MIC3200 SSR 1&2 ALARM 12-24V 95221PA000 1/16 DIN SSD/SSD, SNR
33000200 3300 Temp Cntrl RS-232 95221PA00E 1/16DIN 9500P SSD RELAY SENSOR
33000400 3300 Temp Cntrl RS-485 95B110A000 9500 Controller 4-20ma Input
330000000 Cal 3300 Controller SSd/Rly 95B11PA000 9500P 1/16DIN 4-20MA Relay Sns
330000030 3300 TEMP CNTRL, 24V, SSD LOWV 95B11PA00Q 9500P 1/16DIN 4-20MA RLY SNSBL
330000200 3300Temp Cntrl RS-232 95B11PA400 9500P 1/16DIN 4-20MA Relay Sns
330000230 3300Temp Cntrl RS-232 12-24VDC 95B11PB000 9500P 1/16DIN 4-20MA Relay
330000400 RS-485, 100-240V, SSD/ RLY 95B21PA000 9500P 1/16DIN 4-20MA Relay Sns
330000430 Cal 3300 RS-485 12-24V SSD/RLY 95C11PA000 1/16DIN 0-5V/SSD, O3 RLY, SNSR
331100000 Cal 3300 Std.100-240V RLY, RLY 95D11PA000 Cal 9500P 1/16 Din 0-10V/Relay
331100200 1/32DIN 2)RLY RS232 100-240V 95D11PA00E 1/16Din control 9500P 0-10Vout
331100400 RS-485, 100-240V, Rly / Rly 95D11PA400 1/16DIN 0-10V 2)RLY 1)RS-485
332200000 1/32 Std 100-240V 2)SSR 95D21PA000 1/16 Din control 9500P
332200030 1/32 Std 12VDC 2)SSR 98111C Cal 9800 Rtd, 2 Rly,115V Deg c
332200200 RS-232 100-240 V SSD/SSD 3300 98111F Cal 9800 Rtd, 2 Rly,115V Deg F
332200430 3300 Cntrl RS485, 12-24V 2)SSD 98202C Cal 9900 3 wire RTD 230V
930000000 Cal 9300, SSR/RLY 100-240V 991.01F Call M&M at 1-800-876-0036
930000030 Cal 9300, SSR/RLY 12-24V LV 99101C 9900 115V C Single Thermo Rela
930000400 9300 RS485 SSD/RLY 99101F 9900 115V F Single Thermo Rela
931100000 Cal Cntrl std. 2)Rly 100-240V 99102C 9900 230V C Single Thermo Rly
931100400 CalCntrl Rs-485 2)Rly 100-240V 99102F 9900 230V F Single Thermo Rly
932200000 1/16 DIN DISP CNTRLR STANDARD 99105F 1) Relay  2Wire RTD 24VAC
932200200 RS-232, 100-240V,SSd/SSd 9300 99111C Cal 9900 TC, 2 Rly, 115VAC C
940000000 9400 Cntrl SSD and Relay 99111F Cal 9900 TC 2 Rly 115VAC F
940000400 9400 1/16 DualDisp SSR/RLY 99112C CAL 9900 TC, RLY 5A RLY 230VAC
941100000 CAL 9400 SERIES, RLY, RLY 99112F CAL 9900 TC, RLY 5ARLY 230VAC
941100400 CAL 9400 SERIES, RLY, RLY 99115C 9900 T/Cin 2) Relay Celsius
1003GB000 Calgrafix Software 99115F 9900 Temp Control
33220003L 3300 cal 2)SSD  Low Voltage 99121F 9900 Temp Control
3C0000200 RS-232 CommBoard Only 3300 99122C CAL 9900 TC, RLY SSRLYD 230VAC
6101J4 **NLA See 6201JE only avail 99202F CAL9900 T/C IN, SLD ST RLY 230
6201JE 6000Tpye J 0-300C 115VAC 11PIN 99211C CAL 9900 STD T/C,3WIRE,SSRLY
639.33A Cal 6000 Series 50-250C 99211F CAL 9900 STD T/C,3WIRE,SSRLY
7C00002400 Cal Logix Base Unit 99212C Driver and Rly Out 230V Deg C
7T2210R000 Cal Logix Dual Process Module 99212F 9900 T/Cin SSRout 115V DegF
821.1J4 NLA 99221C Cal Cntrl 9900 2 SSR RLY C Deg
821.2J7 CAL 8000 Temp Control 230V 99221F Cal Cntrl 9900 2 SSR RLY F DEG
8211K9 8000 Cal Control JBS-E-37-J 4"x6" 300#RFx300#RF CS PRV
8212KGH1 Cal8000 1) Rly 230V 0-400C    



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