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No. Description No. Description
1/2/3000 1/2"NPT CrbnStl BalVal 3000PSI 8E064-003-1 1.25" Elec Act. Brz. Ball Vlv.
3/4/3000 3/4"npt CS 3000PSI FP 2PC BV 8E064-003-1.25 1.25" Elec Act. Brz. Ball Vlv.
3/4/3100 3/4" NPT 316SS 3000PSI 8E064-003-2 2"NPT 2W Brass 120V w/Actuator
720006 DN 40 ANSI 150 COMPLETE VLV 8E064-003-3IN 3" Elec Act. Brz. Ball Vlv.
720017 4" CS Waffer Valve 8E064003-VB015-1 1"NPT BRS 2W 110V ACT
721000 VALPRES 2" SS VALVE 8E064004-VB030-1.5 1.5"NPT BRS 2W 110/240V ACT
760005 3/4"FPBV 316SS 150# Flng 8E064004-VB030-2 2"NPT BRS 2W 110/240V ACT
761030 3/4"FPBV 316SS 300# Flng 8E064-012-1 1"THD, BV w/ 24VAC Act BACKUP
308007006 SS BALL FOR DN 40 AISI316 8E064-012-1/2 1/2"THD,BV w/ 24VAC Act BACKUP
506007001 Packing Gland Assembly 8E064-012-1-1/2 1.5"THD,BV w/ 24VAC Act BACKUP
508007002 DN 40 PACKING GLAND 8E064-012-3 3"THD, BV w/ 24VAC Act BACKUP
800000310 DA Actuator Size 52 8E064-012-3/4 3/4"THD,BV w/ 24VAC Act BACKUP
3090000006 BONOMI ACUTATOR CAP 8E064-023-1.5 1-1/2" Valve w/ VB030 Act
3900000034 LIMIT SWITCH IP65 52MM-270MM 8E064-023-2 2" Valve w/ VB030 Act
3900000149 SPDT LimSw5A/250V 3A/24VDC 8E064-023-4 4IN Thrd Brz  Ball Vlv. W/
3900280014 SPDT LimSw5A/250V 3A/24VDC 8E064-2IN-115V 2" brz bdy full port ball vlv.
4400110901 SQUARE CrbStl 0.43x0.35 8E064-4IN-115V 3in brz bdy full port ball vlv
4400221701 SQUARE CrbStl 1.06x0.67 w-ADPT 8E064LF-003-1.25 1.25in 2w Brass 100-240VAC
4400272201 SQUARE CrbStl 0.87x1.06 8E065-001-1 1" 355N w/ 12V ACT
6216000002 DN40/50 SPRING WASHER 8E065-001-1.25 1.25" 355N Tport w/12V 2POS
8.00E+85 3" Carbon / SS ball Thrd BalVa 8E065-001-1.5 1.5" 355N w/ 12V ACT
100002-1 1''F X 1''F THRD IN-LINE CHK V 8E065-001-2 2"NPT 3Way Tport 12V ACT
100002-1.25 1.25" FXF IN-LINE CHK VLV BRZ 8E065-002-1 1"Tport3W Thrd Brz w/24V Act
100002-1.5 1.5" FXF IN-LINE CHK VLV BRZ 8E065-002-1/2-12V 1/2"Tport3W Thrd Brz w/12V Act
100002-1/2 1/2''F X 1/2''F THRD IN-LINE C 8E065-002-1/2-24V 1/2"Tport3W Thrd Brz w/24V Act
100002-1/4 1/4"F X 1/4"F THRD INLINE CHKV 8E065-002-3/4-24V 3/4"Tport3W Thrd Brz w/24V Act
100002-1-1/2 1.5" 100002 Full Port Check Va 8E065-003-1 1" 355N w/ 120V ACT
100002-2 2''F X 1''F THRD IN-LINE CHK V 8E065-003-1.25 1.25" 355N Tport w/120V 2POS
100002-2.5 2.5''THRD Inline chk vlv. 8E065-003-1.5 1.5" 355N w/ 120V ACT
100002-3 3"THRD Inline chk vlv. 8E065-003-2 2" BRASS T-PORT THRD 120V
100002-3/4 3/4"'F THRD IN-LINE CHK V 8E065-013-3 3"BRS 3W Tport 120V SprRet
100003-1.25 1-1/4"  Check Valve, VitonSeat 8E065-023-1.5 1.5"BRS 3W Tport 100-240V
100003-2 2''F X 1''F THRD IN-LINE CHKVT 8E066-001-2 2"NPT 3Way Lport 12V ACT
100003-2-1/2 2-1/2" Check Valve, Viton Seat 8E066-002-1 1"NPT3w Brass "L" 24V StdAct
100003-3/4 3/4" Check Valve, Viton Seat 8E066-002-1-1/2 1.5"NPT3w Brass "L" 24V StdAct
10002-1.5IN 1.5" Inline Check Valve 8E066-002-2 2"NPT3w Brass "L" 24V StdAct
10002-2IN 2" Inline Check Vlv. 8E066-003-2 2" 365N 3WAY DMNT BRASS W/ACT
100102-3 3" Foot Valve 8E066L001 1" Brass Valve 12Volt Actuator
100102-4 4" Foot Valve 8E067-001-2 2" SS 2Way Electric 12VDC DM
100202-1 1" Compact In-Line Check Val 8E067-001-2.5 2.5" SS 2Way Electric 12VDC DM
100202-3/4 3/4" Compact In-Line Check Val 8E067-001-3 3" SS 2Way Electric 12VDC DM
14X11 ACT/VALVE COUPLER .43 to .55 8E067-003 1.5 NPT DM, 2WAY FP, 110-240V
151N-1 1"NPT 2W Brass F/P 600WOG 8E067-003-1 1" Elec. Act. Ball Vlv. 120Vac
151N-1.25 1.25"NPT 2W Brass F/P 600WOG 8E067-003-1.5 1.5" SSBV W/ ACT DN-2" 266L
151N-1.5 1.5"NPT 2W Brass F/P 600WOG 8E067-003-2IN 2" Elec. Act. Ball Vlv. 120Vac
151N-1/2 1/2"NPT 2W Brass F/P 600WOG 8E067-003-3/4 3/4 NPT DM, 2WAY FP, 110-240V
151N-1/4 1/4"NPT 2W Brass F/P 600WOG 8E067VB060+002 3"npt SS Ball Elct. Act. 24VDC
151N-2 NLA R/B 161N 8E068-002 2Way DirectMnt Brass BV 24V/DC
151N-3/4 3/4"NPT 2W Brass F/P 600WOG 8E068002-1-1/2-NC VB030 ACT N/C 24VDC W/ 250N
151N-3/8 3/8"NPT 2W Brass F/P 600WOG 8E068-003 2Way DirectMnt Brass BV 110VDC
161N-.50 .50 FP Brs 600WOG BV Thd 8E068003-2 2"NPT BRS Bdy 2W 110-240V ACT.
161N-.75 .75 FP Brs 600WOG BV Thd 8E068003-VB015-1 1"NPT BRS 2W 110V SSB&S
161N-1 1.00 FP Brs 600WOG BV Thd 8E068004-VB030-1.5 1.5"NPT BRS 2W 110V SSB&S
161N-1.25 1.25 FP Brs 600WOG BV Thd 8E068-022-3/8 POS N/C 24VDC W/ 253N 3/8" VAL
161N-1.50 1.50 FP Brs 600WOG BV Thd 8E068-1.5-24VAC 1.5" BRZ Ball valve w/ 24v Act
161N-1/2 1/2"NPT F/P Brass 600WOG 8E068-3/4-VB015-003 3/4"NPT 2W Brass 120V SSB/S
161N-2 2" FP Brs 600WOG BV Thd 8E071-003-2 2" 316SS T-PORT THRD 120V
161N-3/4 3/4"NPT F/P Brass 600WOG 8E074-002-2IN 2" SS Full Port 3pc. Ball Vlv.
1715-1.5 1.5" Brz. Ball Vlv. Full Port 8E074-003-1-1/4 1.25in 2W 316SS 120V N/C
1715-2 2" Brz. Ball Vlv. Full Port 8E074-01-1.5 100-240V AC
1715-3/4 3/4" Brz. Ball Vlv. Full Port 8E074-022-3 3" SS Full Port 3pc. Ball Vlv.
171C-1/2 1/2" NPT 171C BRASS BALL VLV 8E075-021-1 1"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 12VAC/DC
171L-1.5IN 1 1/2" Brz Ball vlv. 8E075-021-1/2 1/2"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 12VAC/DC
171L-1/2IN 1/2" Brx ball Vlv. W/ Lock 8E075-021-1/4 1/4"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 12VAC/DC
171L-2 2"NPT 2W F/P Brass 600WOG 8E075-021-2 2"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 12VAC/DC
171L-2-1/2 2.5"NPT 2W F/P Brass 600WOG 8E075-021-3/4 3/4"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 12VAC/DC
171L-3 3" NPT Brs BLV latch lock hndl 8E075-022-1 1"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 24VAC/DC
171L-4 4" NPT Brs BLV latch lock hndl 8E075-022-1/2 1/2"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 24VAC/DC
171M 1" BRASS MXF FULL PRT BALL VLV 8E075-022-1/4 1/4"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 24VAC/DC
171N075 3/4" BSP BRZ BALL VLV 8E075-022-2 2"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 24VAC/DC
171N-1 1"NPT 2W Brass B/V SSB&S 8E075-022-3/4 3/4"2W CS Thrd 4/20mA 24VAC/DC
171N-1/2 1/2"NPT 2W Brass B/V SSB&S 8E076003/120ACT/2SW 4" 150# Wafer, 316 SS Valve,
171N-1-1/2 1-1/2"NPT 2W Brass B/V SSB&S 8E076-023-3 3"2W SS 150#FLG 120V 4/20mA
171N-1-1/4 1-1/4"NPT 2W Brass B/V SSB&S 8E079003/120ACT/2SW 4" 150# Flanged, 316 SS Body,
171N-2 2"NPT 2W Brass B/V SSB&S 8E079003-2 2"150#316SS BalVal 120V N/C
171N-3/4 3/4"NPT 2W Brass B/V SSB&S 8E079-003-3 3"Ball SS Bdy 150lb VB110 110V
171N-4 4" FP Brs 600WOG BV Thd 8E079-023-3 3"2W SS 150#FLG 120V 4/20mA
171S-1 1" BRASS BAL VLV SS BALL/STEM 8E079SV-003-4 4" SS Ball SS Body 300# Flg.
171S-1.5 1.5"NPT Brass w/316SS B/S 600# 8E080-003-1/2 1/2" SW Elec. Act. Ball Vlv.
171S-2 2"NPT Brass w/316SS B/S 600# 8E081-002-3/4 3/4NPT 3pcSS w/24VAC/DC Act
172N-.75 .75 In Brass Bdy Ball Valve 8E082-013-4 4"2W Wafr CrbStl 120V FailSafe
17X14-STEMADAPTER 17x14 Stem Adapter 8E082-013-6 6"2W Wafr CrbStl 120V FailSafe
2200SRL-1 1"SS BDY BONOMI BALL VLV SPG 8E082-023-3 3"2W CI WAFER 120V 4/20mA
220SRL-2 2" SS BDY BONOMI BALL VLV SPG 8E085-002-1.5 1.5" 150#CS Ball Valve w/ 24V
22X17-STEMADAPTER 22x17 Stem Adapter 8E085-003-3 3" 150#CS Ball Valve w/ 120V
250N-1 1' DirectMnt Brass Ball Vlv 8E085-023-3 3"2W CI 150#FLG 120V 4/20mA
250N-1.25 1.25" F/P Brass 2W Thrd BalVal 8E085SV-003-4 4" Carbon 300# Flg. 120v
250N-1.5 1.5'' DirectMnt Brass Ball Vlv 8E30000-1.5 1.5" CS Ball Vlv. W/ 120V Act.
250N-1/2 1/2" Direct mount valve body 8E766000-023-3 3"2WSS 150# DIRECT 4/20 120V
250N-2 2" NPT ActRdy 2w 600# BalVal 8P0027-1 1" 700LL 2wSSthr w/SR75
250N-3 3" Direct mount valve body 8P0027-1.25 1.25" 700LL 2wSSthr w/SR75
250N-3/4 3/4" 2PC BRZ BDY BVLV FP DIREC 8P0027-2 2"700LL 2wSSthr w/80SR0118
250N-3/8 3/8" 2PC BRZ BDY BVLV FP DIREC 8P0027-C1-2 2" Npt Ball Vlv. W/ Act. and
250NLF-3/4 3/4" 2PC BRZ BDY BLV LF DIREC 8P0080-1/2 1/2" BV Thrd PneuAct DualAct
253N-1 1" Brz 2W SSB&S NPT ACTREADY 8P0080-1-1/4 1.25" Brs F/P 2W w/DA32 ACT
253N-1/2 1/2" Brz 2W SSB&S NPT ActRdy 8P0080-2 2" BV Thrd PneuAct DualAct
253N-1-1/2 1.5''Brz 2W SSB&S NPT ACTREADY 8P0080-2.5 2.5" BV Thrd PneuAct DualAct
253N-2 2" Brz 2W SSB&S NPT ACTREADY 8P0080-3 3" THD Brz BV, DA63 ACT, FP
253N-3/4 3/4" Brz 2W SSB&S NPT ActRdy 8P0080-3/4 3/4" 250N w/ DA32ACT MOUNTED
3100-1 1" NPT 316SS 3000PSI 8P0082-1 1"NPT BRZ BalVal w/Act Pneu
355N-1 1" Bronze Ball Valve 3 Way (T) 8P0082-1/2 1/2"NPT BRASS 2W SprRet DirMt
355N-1/2 1/2" Bronze Ball Valve 3 Way 8P0082-2 2"NPT Brass BV w/SR Pneu Act.
355N-1/4 1/4" Brass 3Way Ball Vlv 8P0082-2.5 1/2"NPT BRASS 2W SprRet DirMt
355N-1-1/4 1.25"NPT Brz 3W Tport BalVal 8P0082-4 4"BrassThrd 2W w/SR Act PNEU
355N-2 2" Brass Ball Valve 3 Way 8P0082LF-1/2 1/2" BRZ BDY 2WAY W/ ACT N/C L
355N-2.5 2.5" Bronze Ball Valve 3 Way 8P0082-RI4551 3/4" FP 2 WAY 2 PIECE BRZ W/
355N-3 3" Brs Ball Valve 3 Way T Flow 8P0082-SR52-1 1"NPT Brz BV 2W w/SR Pneu
355N-3/4 3/4" Bronze Ball Valve 3 Way 8P0082-SR63-1.5 1.5"NPT Brz BV 2W w/SR Pneu
355N-3/8 3/8" Brass 3Way Ball Vlv 8P0124-C1-1.5 1.5" CS w/DA63 Act. w/Solenoid
355N-LVR-1IN Lvr. Kit for 1" 355N 8P0129-1.5 1.5" FNPT PORT BALL VALVE
365N-1 1" BRZ. Red. L Port Ball Vlv 8P0129-1/2 1/2"NPT BRASS 3W Tport DblAct
365N-1.5 1.5" BRZ. Red. L Port Ball Vlv 8P01292 2"D/M 3WAY BRS RP T-PORT DBACT
365N-1/2 1/2" NPT BRSS BV 3W LPort 8P0129-2-D12 2" 3Way Vlv. (355N) W/DA63 Act
365N-2 2" BRZ. Red. L Port Ball Vlv 8P0130-2 2" 3Way L Port ElecPnue act.
365N-2.5 2.5"NPT 3W BRASS BalVal 8P0130-C1-1 1" 3Way Solenoid Valve. w/ ACT
365N-3 3" BRZ. Red. L Port Ball Vlv 8P0131-1 1"NPT BRASS 3W Tport SPRRET
365N-3/4 3/4" Bronze Ball Valve 3 Way 8P0131-1/2 1/2"NPT BRASS 3W Tport SPRRET
380SM-1/2 SS 1/2" MINI BALL VALVE 8P0131-1/4 1/4"Brs T-Prt BV w/SR52 Pneu
383M-3/8 3/8" NPT Mini Ball Valve 8P0132-1/2 1/2" 3W BV L Port W/SR PneuAct
500S-6-SR160-NMR3EX2 6" 500S 150# WAFER W/SR160 8P0132-2 2" 3Way Ball Vlv L Port W/
501S-4 4" DIxSS BF VLV EPDM Liner Lug 8P0133-1/2-DA32 1/2" S.S. Thrd F/P BalVal RTFE
511L-3/4 3/4" 511L BRASS BALL VALVE 8P0133-1/4-DA32 1/4" S.S. Thrd F/P BalVal RTFE
600LL-1 1" 2 Pcs CS FP BV LCkHndl 8P0133-1-C2 1" 316SSThrd F/P BV 24V DblAct
600LL-1/2 1/2" 2 Pcs CS FP BV LCkHndl 8P0133-1-DA32 1" S.S. Thrd F/P BalVal RTFE
600LL-1/4 1/4" 2 Pcs CS FP BV LCkHndl 8P0133-2-DA52 2" S.S. Thrd F/P BalVal RTFE
600LL-1-1/2 1 1/2" 2 PCS CS FP BV LCK HNDL 8P0133-3/4-DA32 3/4" S.S. Thrd F/P BalVal RTFE
600LL-1-1/4 1-1/4" 2 Pcs CS FP BV LCkHndl 8P0133-3IN-DA75 3" S.S. Thrd F/P BalVal RTFE
600LL-2 2" 2 Pcs CS FP BV LCkHndl 8P0134-1 1"2W THRD SS BV, w/ SR52 Act
600LL-3/4 3/4" 2 Pcs CS FP BV LCkHndl 8P0134-1.5 1.5" SS Ball valve,w/ SR63 Act
600LL-3/8 3/8" 2 Pcs CS FP BV LCkHndl 8P0134-1.5-C3-SCM2 700076BalVlv SR63 Act NMRSolnd
700001-1 1 "NPT SS BDY,CS8M BDY PTFE B 8P0134-1/2 1/2"NPT 316SS 2W SprRet DirMt
700001-1/2 1/2"NPT SS BDY,CS8M BDY PTFE B 8P0134-1-1/2 2" SS Ball valve,w/ SR63 Act
700001-1-1/2 1-1/2" NPT SS BDY,CS8M BDY 8P0134-2 2" SS Ball valve,w/ SR63 Act
700001-2 2"NPT SS BDY,CS8M BDY PTFE B 8P0135 W/DA-ACT 1.5" Thrd Brz w/solenoid and
700001-3 3"NPT CF8M BalVal Thrd 8P0135-1/2 1/2" 253N W/ DA32 act.
700001-3/4 3/4"NPT SS BDY,CS8M BDY PTFE B 8P0136-1 1" Ball Vlv. w/ Spring Rtn Act
700001-3/8 3/8"NPT SS BDY,CS8M BDY PTFE B 8P0136-1-1/2 1.5" Ball Vlv.w/ Spring Rn Act
700001-3-THD 3"NPT, SS BDY 2PC F/P 2000PSIW 8P0136-2 2" Ball Vlv. w/ Spring Rtn Act
700001-4 4"NPT 2WFP 2000WOG 316SS 8P0141-1/2 1/2"NPT 316SS 3W Tport SPRRET
700023-1 1"NPT CF8M BalVal Thrd 8P0144-1/2 1/2 SS 3Way F/P Lport SPRRET
700023-1/2 1/2"NPT CF8M BalVal Thrd,1000# 8P0145-1/2 1/2 SS 3Way F/P T w/SR ACT
700023-1-1/2 1.5"NPT CF8M BalVal Thrd 8P0145-2 1.5" THD 3W SS L PORT, PNEU SP
700023-1-1/4 1.25"NPT CF8M BalVal Thrd 8P0168-2 3" 2pc Thrd CF8MSS BalVal
700023-2 2"NPT CF8M BalVal Thrd 8P0168-2-SR100 2"thrd CF8M 2pcBalVal 2000WOG
700023-3/4 3/4"NPT CF8M BalVal Thrd,1000# 8P0169-1 1"  2 way 3Pc. SS Ball Vlv
700056-1 1"NPT CS Ball Valve 1000# 8P0169-1.25 1-1/4"  2 way 3Pc. SS Ball Vlv
700056-1/2 1/2"NPT CS Ball Valve 1000# 8P0169-3 3"  2 way 3Pc. SS Ball Vlv
700056-1/4 1/4"NPT CS Ball Valve 1000# 8P0169-3/4 3/4" 2 way 3Pc. SS Ball Vlv
700056-1-1/2 1.5"NPT CS Ball Valve 1000# 8P0170-1.5 1.5" 2way SS W/ SR ACT N/C
700056-1-1/4 1.25 "NPT CS Ball Valve 1000# 8P0170-1/2 1/2" 2 Way 3Pc. SS Ball Vlv.
700056-2 2"NPT CS Ball Valve 1000# 8P0170-3 3"  2 way 3Pc. SS Ball Vlv
700056-3/4 3/4"NPT CS Ball Valve 1000# 8P0170-3/4 3/4"  2 way 3Pc. SS Ball Vlv
700056-3/8 3/8"NPT CS Ball Valve 1000# 8P0170-3/8 3/8" 2 Way 3Pc. SS Ball Vlv.
700071-.50 1/2" NPT 316S 2000# FireSafe 8P0170F/F-2 2"NPT3pc SS BV w/SRpneuACT
700071-1/2 1/2 NPT SS F/P 2000# FireSafe 8P0173-2 2in 720016 SS WFR DA PNEUACT
700076-1 1" SS Ball Valve, THD 8P0173-8 8"CS WFR BV W/SR160
700076-1/2-THD 1/2" DM CF8M Ball Valve 8P0174-FC-1/2 1/2" FC w/Solenoid & Act.
700076-1/4-THD 1/4" DM CF8M Ball Valve 8P0174-FO-1/2 1/2" FO w/Solenoid & Act.
700076-1-1/2 1.5" SS Ball Valve, THD 8P0174-3-C1-LS 3" 2WAY STAINLESS STEEL FULL
700076-2 2" SS Ball Valve, THD 8P0174-4 4"2W150#Fl 316S BalVal W/SR125
700076-3/4 3/4" SS Ball Valve, THD 8P0174-FC-1 1" FC w/Solenoid & Act.
700LL-1 1" 2Pcs FulPrt 316SS BallVlv 8P0174-FC-1.5 1.5" FC w/Solenoid & Act.
700LL-1.5 1.5" 2Pcs FulPrt 316SS BallVlv 8P0174-FC-2 2" FC w/Solenoid & Act.
700LL-1/2 1/2" 2Pcs FulPrt 316SS BallVlv 8P0174-FC-3 3" FC w/Solenoid & Act.
700LL-2 2" 2Pcs FulPrt 316SS BallVlv 8P0174-FC-4 4" FC w/Solenoid & Act.
700LL-3/8 3/8" 2Pcs FulPrt 316SS BallVlv 8P0174-FO-3 3" FO w/Solenoid & Act.
710001-1 1" 3Pc FulPort SS Ball Vlv 8P0174-SR160-6INCH 6" WaferBall 316SSF/P ANSI150#
710001-1/2 1/2"NPT 316S 3pc BalVal 1000# 8P0176-2-C1 2" 125#FL CS Ball Valve,SR Act
710001-1-1/2 1.5"NPT 316S 3pc BalVal 1000# 8P0176-3-C1 3" 125#FL CS B-Val,SR Act 120v
710001-1-1/4 1.25"NPT 316S 3pc BalVal 1000# 8P0176-4"-C1 4" 125#FL CS Ball Valve,SR Act
710001-2 2"NPT 2W 3pc 316SS FulPt RTFE 8P0178 4" SS BALL VLV SPLIT BDY PTF
710001-3 3"NPT 2W 3pc 316SS FulPt RTFE 8P0179-2 2in 2W Flgd CrbStl w/DA Act
710001-3/4 3/4"NPT 316S 3pc BalVal 1000# 8P0179-6-DA125 6"Flgd CS 2W BV w/DA125
710003-1 1"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0179-8 8"CS FLG ANSI 150 BV W/SR160
710003-1/2 1/2"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0180-4 4"2W150#Fl C/S BalVal W/SR125
710003-1/4 1/4"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0180-8 8"150#Flg CS BalVal w/DA Act
710003-1-1/2 1-1/2"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0188-1 1" SW 2WAY 3PC PA
710003-1-1/4 1-1/4"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0188-3 3" SW 2WAY 3PC PA
710003-2 2"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0192-SR125-NMR3-C2 3" cs 3pc ball vlv sw conn
710003-2-1/2 2-1/2"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0196-1/2 1/2"NPT SS BalVal 2Way 1500#
710003-3 3"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0196-3/4 3/4"NPT SS BalVal 2Way 1500#
710003-3/4 3/4"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0198-1 1"NPT 3pc CS FP SR63 ACT
710003-3/8 3/8"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0770-1" 1" 2Way DA Sanitary Ball Valve
710003-4 4"NPT C/S BalVal F/P 1000# 8P0770-1.5 1.5 SS B/V w/DA ACT
71001-1 1" 2 WAY SS Ball VLV. 3PC. 8P3102-1/2 1/2" SS VALVE 3100 w/ SR ACT
71001-1.25 1.25" 2 WAY SS Ball VLV. 3PC. 955N-1 1" "T"type 3W SS THRD BalVal
71001-1/2 1/2" 2 WAY SS Ball VLV. 3PC. 955N-1/2 1/2" SS 3 Way Ball Vlv.
71001-1/4 1/4" 2 WAY SS Ball VLV. 3PC. 955N-3/4 3/4" "T"type 3W SS THRD BalVal
71001-3 3" 2 WAY SS Ball VLV. 3PC. 956N-1 1'' T-TYPE 3WAY SS FULL PORT B
71001-3/8 3/8" 2 WAY SS Ball VLV. 3PC. 956N-2 2'' T TYPE 3WAY SS FULL PORT
710060-3/8 3/8"3Pc  SS Ball Vlv. Din Conn 956N-3/4 3/4" 316SS NPT 3W T-PORT
710061-1 1"SW SS 3pc F/P BalVal STEAM 965N-1.25 1.25" SS Red. L Port Ball Vlv.
710061-1/2 1/2"SW SS 3pc F/P BalVal STEAM 965N-1.5 1.5" SS Red. L Port Ball Vlv.
710061-1-1/2 1.5"SW SS3pc F/P BalVal STEAM 966N-2 2"NPT SS 3W F/P BalVal Tport
710061-1-1/4 1.25"SW SS3pc F/P BalVal STEAM A174100 Reapir Kit Backflow
710061-2 2"SW SS 3pc F/P BalVal STEAM AE006002 2" 24V 3Way Motrizd L Port Vlv
710061-2-1/2 2.5"SW SS 3pc F/P BalVal STEAM AEO64-2 2" 2way Brz. Ball Vlv. W/ 120V
710061-3 3"SW SS 3pc F/P BalVal STEAM AP0027-1.5-C3-SCM2 700LLBallVlv SR63 Act NMRSolnd
710061-3/4 3/4"SW SS 3pc F/P BalVal STEAM BONOMI1 1" Ball Valve w/ ACt 3-15psi
710061-3/8 3/8"SW SS 3pc F/P BalVal STEAM BRACKET-BONOMI Mounting Bracket High Temp
710061-4 4"SW SS 3pc F/P BalVal STEAM CERTCONF-BONOMI Certificate of Conformance
710062-1 1" SS Ball Vlv. Butt Weld Conn DA100 Pneum. Dbl Acting Act.
710062-1.25 1.25" SS Ball Vlv. Butt Weld DA32 Double Acting Pneu Actuator
710062-1.5 1.5" SS Ball Vlv. Butt Weld DA32-BS DBL Acting Pneu Act. DA Ser.
710062-1/2 1/2" SS Ball Vlv. Butt Weld DA500S-4 4" Wafer BFV, EPDM, SS, w/ ACT
710062-2 2"  SS Ball Vlv. Butt Weld DA501N-4 4" BF LUG STYLE W/ DA PNEUM AC
710062-2.5 2.5"  SS Ball Vlv. Butt Weld DA501S-12 12"Bfly CI Lug SSdsc w/DA Act
710062-3 3" SS Ball Vlv. Butt Weld DA501S-4 4" BF LUG STYLE W/ DA PNEUM AC
710062-3/4 3/4" SS Ball Vlv. Butt Weld DA52 Double Acting Pheu Actuator DA
710065-2 2" FP CARBON STEEL BUTT WELD DA63 Pneumatic Actuator
710085-.75 3/4" NPT CrbStl 2W 3pc BalVal DA-75 Double Acting Pneum 16BA AIR T
710085-1 1" NPT CrbStl 2W 3pc BalVal DA85 On/OFF Act 80DA0114
710085-1.25 1.25" NPT CrbStl 2W 3pc BalVal E500N-003-4 4" Butterfly Vlv. Wafer Style
710085-2 2" NPT CARBON STEEL3 PC E500N-4-120V 4" Wafer BV, 120VAC VB060 Act
710190-1 1"NPT 316S 3p BalVal 250#STM E501S-003 4" Elec Act Lug Styl BF Valve
710190-1/2 1/2"NPT 316S 3p BalVal 250#STM E8066-003-2 2"THD DRT MNT 3WAY BALLVL W/AC
710190-1-1/2 1.5"NPT 316S 3p BalVal 250#STM EA130-003 110V ACT. NEMA 4X
710190-1-1/4 1.25NPT 316S 3p BalVal 250#STM EPV310SR-2-SW 2" 30d V-Ball w/ SR, Electro A
710190-2 2"NPT 316S 3p BalVal 250#STM EPV600SR-1/2 1/2" BV w/4-20mA Pos. 24V
710190-3/4 3/4"NPT 316S 3p BalVal 250#STM EV300-022-3 3" Ball Vall SS 24VAC ACT
710190-3/8 3/8" 3pc Ball Valve 316SS EV600-022-3/8 3/8" SS BallValve 24VAC/DC 60D
711000-1 1" SS 3Pc. Ball Vlv. DN25 EV610-02-3-1.5 1.5" SW, 60 Degree V-Ball, Act
711000-1.5 1.5" SS 3Pc. Ball Vlv. DN40 EV900-022-1.5 1.5" 24VDC4/20MA FullPrtVBALL
711000-2 2" SS 3Pc. Ball Vlv. DN50 EV900-022-3 3" 24VDC4/20MA FullPrtVBALL
711000-3/4 3/4" SS 3Pc. Ball Vlv. DN20 EV-900-022-3/4 90Deg VBall 24V ElecActPos
711LL-1 1 SW 3pc F/P SS BalVl LLHNDL EV-900-023-3/4 90Deg VBall 110V ElecActPos
711LL-1/2 1/2 SW 3pc F/P SS BalVl LLHNDL L500N-10 10" Butterfly Valve w/ Lever
711LL-1/4 1/4 SW 3pc F/P SS BalVl LLHNDL L500N-8 8" Butterfly Valve w/ Lever
711LL-1-1/2 1-1/2 SW 3pc F/P SS BV LLHNDL L500S-4 4" Wafer BFV, EPDM, SS DISC,LV
711LL-1-1/4 1-1/4 SW 3pc F/P SS BV LLHNDL MOUNT-TEST-BONOMI Mounting and Testing
711LL-2 2 SW 3pc F/P SS BV LLHNDL NMP3-C1 Solenoid 120V N/C for BV ASSY
711LL-2-1/2 2-1/2 SW 3pc F/P SS BV LLHNDL NMR1-C1 110V 4-way ConduitConn SLND
711LL-3 3 SW 3pc F/P SS BV LLHNDL NMR1-C2 24V 4-way ConduitConn SLND
711LL-3/8 3/8 SW 3pc F/P SS BalVl LLHNDL NMR1-D12 12V/DC Namur Solenoid Valve
714000-1 1" CS 3PC SW BALL VLV NMR1-EX1 110VAC 4-WAY Explosion Proof
714000-1-1/2 1.5" CS  3PC SW BALL VLV NMR1-EX2 24VAC 4-WAY Explosion Proof
714000-3/8 3/8" 3PC SW BALL VLV NMR3-C2 Solenoid 24VDC
720005-8 8" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves NMR3-D12 12VDC 3way DIN CONN
720008-3 3" Wafer Style CS Bdy NMR3-D2 24VOLT  DIN CONNECTION NAMUR
720016-1 1" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves NMR3-EX1 3-WAY, SGLE SOLENOID NAMUR,
720016-1.25 1.25" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valve NMR3-EX2 24 VDC 3-WAY EXP PROOF SOLENOI
720016-1.5 1.5" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves NMR-D1 120 V/AC 4 Way Solenoid valve
720016-1/2 1/2" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves RI1074 Repair kit for 710001 1/4&3/8
720016-2 2" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves RI1075 Repair kit for 710001 1/2
720016-2.5 2.5" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves RI1076 Repair kit for 710001 3/4
720016-3 3" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves RI1077 Repair kit for 710001 1"
720016-3/4 3/4" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves RI1078 Repair kit for 710001 1.25"
720016-4 4" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves RI1079 Repair kit for 710001 1.5"
720016-5 5" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves RI1080 Repair kit for 710001 2"
720016-6 6" SS 150# Wafer Ball Valves RI1081 Repair kit for 710001 2.5"
720017-2 2"WafrBall C/S Flgd F/P RI1082 Std.Carbon Graphite Repair Kit
720017-3 3" WafrBall C/S Flgd F/P RI2125 DN50 KIT SEALS, SEATS
720017-4 4"WafrBall C/S Flgd F/P RI2129 DN 40 KIT SEALS, SEATS
720288-2 2" SS WaferStyl BV Oxy Cleaned RI21445 Repair Kit for 720117 WaferVlv
720288-3 3" SS WaferStyl BV Oxy Cleaned RI2209 Repair Kit for 700076-2"
720289-2 2"C/S 300#FLG Wafer BALLVAL RI2327 2" 760005 RebuildKit Seat&Seal
720289-4 4"C/S 300#FLG Wafer BALLVAL RI3005 Mounting Kit for 720017 4"
720301-2 2" SS DIN SS WFR, DA ACT 75VIT RI3009 Mounting Bracket
760005-1 1"2pc316S F/P Ansi150# FireSaf RI3010 MTKG KIT 2.5-3" vlv.
760005-2 2"2pc316S F/P Ansi150# FireSaf RI3030 Mounting Kit
760005-3 3"2pc316S F/P Ansi150# FireSaf RI3031 Actuator Mounting Kit
760005-3/4 3/4" 2pc 316S F/P 150# FireSaf RI3033 MTNG KIT 1- 1.25" vlv.
760005-6 6" 150# FLG SS VALPRES B-VLV 2 RI3033-1 Monting Kit for 1" vlv.
760200-2 2" 316SS 600#FL BALL VLV RI3034 MTNG KIT for 1.5-2" Vlv.
761030-3 3"2pc316S F/P Ansi150# FireSa RI3108 Repair Kit for 200 Series Act.
761031-1/2 1/2" CS 300# FLG  BALL VLV RI3255 SR160 SET OF SEALS, O-RING VAL
761031-1-1/2 1.5" CS  300# FLG BALL VLV RI3334 REPAIR KIT FOR 200 ACT VITON
761031-2 2" CS 300#ANSI FLG BALL VLV RI3386 Set 05 Spring Kit
761031-4 4" CS 300#ANSI FLG BALL VLV RI3390 Set of Springs for SR115 SET5
761031-6 6" CS  300# FLG BALL VLV RI3392 Repair kit for DA/SR 52 ACT
762000-1 1" 150#FL CS Ball Valve RI3393 Soft Parts Repair Kit
762000-1/2 1/2" 150#FL CS Ball Valve RI3394 Repair Kit for DA/SR 75
762000-2-150 2''150# FLG, CS BDY, PTFE SEAT RI3395 SR85 Seals Repair Kit
762000-3/4 3/4" 150#FL CS Ball Valve RI3397 Seals/Orings for SR115
762000-4 4" 150#FL CS Ball Valve RI3398 Seals/Orings for SR125
762000-6 6" 150#FL CS Ball Valve RI3444 End Cap, Right Side
771-2 2" SAN VLV, FP SSBDY CAV FILLD RI3445 End Cap, Left Side
776032-2 2" C.S. 3 way Diverter Vlv. RI3452 Right End Cap SR115
776032-3 3" 150#  CS, L-port 3w Ball RI3453 Left end cap for SR115
80DA0107 DA32 DBL ACT Pnuematic Actuatr RI3472 SR63 Viton Seal Kit
80DA0110 DA52 DBL ACTING PNEUMATIC ACT RI3473 SR63 Viton Seal Kit
80DA0114 DA85 ACT DA PNEUMATIC ACT RI3488 Guide kit for 80DAB675 Actuatr
80DA0170 DA115 DBL ACTING PNEUMATIC ACT RI3491 Set of Guides for SR115
80DA0175 DA75 DBL ACTING PNEUMATIC ACT RI3492 Set of Guides for SR125
80SR0014 SR85 ACTUATOR RI3536 Piston
80SR0110 DO NOT USE - SEE 82SR0110 RI3690 Set of Guides
80SR0112 SR63 Pneumatic Act. RI4049 Set of Orings
80SR0114 BONOMI SR85 SPRNG RETRN ACT RI4051 Set of Guides
80SR0119 BONOMI SR125 SPRG RETRN ACT RI4550 Position Indicator DA32 ONLY
80SR0170 SPRING RETURN PNEUMATIC ACT RI4551 Position Indicator 52-100 ONLY
80SR0179 P/N CHANGE SEE 82SR0179 S800-1 1" SS Check Valve 800WOG
80SR1312 Viton Seal for High Temp S800-2 2" SS Check Valve 800WOG
80SR7119 SR125 Nickel Plated Pnue Act S800-3/4 3/4" SS inline check Vlv.
80SRC619 SR125 PTFE Coated Pnue Act SBM-2 1/4" UNF Sintered Bronze Muffl
80SRC670 SR 115 PTFE PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR SP012H9-2HIP65 Limit Switch 120V
82DA0118 DA100 DBL ACTING PNEUMATIC ACT SR-100 Spring Return Pneumatic Act.
82SR0110 BONOMI SR52 SPRNG RETRN ACT SR115 SR Actuator, Pnuematic
82SR0114 SR85 SpringRet PneuAct ONLY SR125 Pneumatic Actuator 80SR0119
82SR0118 SR100 Spr Ret PneuAct ONLY SR140 Pneumatic Actuator
82SR0119 SR125 SprRet PneuAct ONLY SR500N-1.5 1.5" 500N Direct Butt. w/ Act.
82SR0121 SR200 SpringRet PneuAct ONLY SR500N-2.5 2.5" 500N Direct Butt. w/ Act.
82SR0170 SR85 PNEU SPRING RETURN ACT SR500N-3 3" 500N Direct Butt w/ACT. F/C
82SR0175 SR75 PNEU SPRING RETURN ACT SR500S-4 4"Wafr SSdisc BFly w/SR100 ACT
82SR0179 SR160 S/R Act. Pneumatic SR501S-4 4"Lug SSdisc BFly w/SR100 ACT
85H00101 VB015 100-240VAC STD DESIGN SR501S-SR125-6 6" 150# WAFER BUTTERFLY W/
85H00103 ACTUATOR ONLY VB030 100-240AC SR501S-SR160-8 8" 150# WAFER BUTTERFLY W/
85H00106 Vb060 100-240Vac Act Only. SR501S-SR200-10 10" 150# WAFER BUTTERFLY W/
85H00111 VB110 100-240VAC 0-90Deg. Act. SR63 Pnuem Act, Spring return
85H00135 VB350 ELC Act/ 100-240VAC SR63V Pnuem Act, Spring return Viton
85H00906 VB060 Act 100-240V BttryBck SR75 Spring Return Actuator Assem.
85H00927 VB270 Valbia Act 100-240VAC SR75V Pnuem Act, Spring return Viton
85H01003 VB030 100-240AC ACTUATOR SR85 Spring Return Actuator
85L00103 VB030 24V AC/DC STD ACTUATOR SR850114 SR85 Actuator Pneu SprRet
85L00106 Valbia 24V AC/DC Actuator VB015-003 SEE P/N 85H00101
85L00119 VB190 Act/. 24V AC/DC VB015-004 VB ELEC ACT, 220VAC 2LMIT SWTC
85L00903 VB030 Actuator Fail Safe 24V VB030-002-24V VB030 Valbia Act, 24AC/DC
85L00906 VB060 Actuator Fail Safe 24V VB030-003-240V 100/240V VALBIA ACT DN-2" 266L
85L01003 VB030 ELEC ACT, 4-20ma, 24V VB030-013 100-240VAC ACTUATOR
85L01006 VB060 ELEC ACT, 4-20ma, 24V VB030-022 VALBIA ACT 4-20MA POST 24V
85L01011 VB110 24VAC/DC POSITIONER VB030-023 VALBIA ACT 4-20MA POST 110V
8E0126-003-2 2" Ball Vlv. W/ Vb060 Act. VB030-023-1.5 1.5" VAL&ACT 4-20MA POST 110V
8E0127-003-2 2" NPT CS, 110V Act, 2 Switche VB030-3/4-THRD 3/4NPT 2WFP 24VAC w/Pos4/20
8E064-001-2 2" NPT BRS FP, w/ 12VDC ACT VB-060-002 Electric Actuator 24V
8E064-002-1 1"THD, BV w/ 24VAC Act ON/OFF VB060-003 Valbia 100-240V Actuator
8E064-002-1/2 1/2"THD,BV w/ 24VAC Act ON/OFF VB110-003 VB110 Act 100-240V AC
8E064-002-1-1/2 1.5"THD,BV w/ 24VAC Act ON/OFF VB110-013 VB110 Act 100-240V AC
8E064-002-2IN 2" Brz Full Port 3pc. Ball Vlv VB190-003 HT Elec Act 100-240V/AC
8E064-002-3 3"THD, BV w/ 24VAC Act ON/OFF VB350-003 VB350 Elec. Act. 100-240VAC
8E064-002-3/4 3/4"THD,BV w/ 24VAC Act ON/OFF VBH-3 Handle for VB270



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