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No. Description No. Description
08P Polypropylene Pump F41000LN-16 DO NOT USE SEE F-41000LN-16
21001-280 Union Nut Black F-41000LN-16 1" NPT 2-20 GPM FLOWMETER
2-136V Gasket for F-451 (1) Each F-41017LN-16 1" FNPT 1/17GPM POLY BDY 316SS
22P EP O-RING F-42025LN 5-25 GPM 1.5" Npt Flowmeter
38-M1 BODY ONLY 3/8" F/1000 PIPE F-42025LN-16 Call M&M at 1-800-876-0036
50000-353 CHEM FEED PUMP F-42040LN 1-1/2" M/NPT, 8-40 GPM Flowmet
50000-581 581 SERIES BLUWHT PMP, 125PSI F42040LN-16 F420-1"FNPT 10-50GPM Liquid
50000-603 C1560N Metering Pump 24Volt F-42040LN-16 1"FNPT F'Mtr Water 8-40GPM
50000-969 Pump 115V 5.9 oz/min F-42050LA-16 1" FNPT 10/50GPM 316SS FLOAT
50000-979 C1560N Metering Pump 115VAC F42050LN DO NOT USE SEE F-42050LN
51000-172 1/2''FNPT FLOW 150PSI .5-5GPM F-42050LN 1.5" F420N 10-50GPM
51000-562 1/2''FNPT FLOW 150PSI .5-5GPM F-42050LN-16 1" F-420N Liquid Flow 10-50GPM
70000-133 R-1507A  Drive Cam F-43040LNS-24 1 1/2" MODEL F FLOW INDICATO
70000-638 Tube Indicator Glass 3/8 x 5ft F-43060LNS 2" F430 FlowMeter 6-60GPM
70000-683 DIAPH EPDM 2.0 for C1500N F-43060LNS-24 1.5IN F-430 6-60GPM
70000-783 Paddle/Axel for RB-100MI-GPM1- F-43080LNS 2" F-430 FMeter 8-80 GPM
71000-159 Roller Assem. 4-6 Tube F-43080LNS-24 1 1/2" F-430 FMeter 8-80 GPM
71000-195 Cartridge Bullet Valve, Double F-43100LNK 2" FNPT, F-430N, 20-100 GPM
71000-350 Pump Tube Roller for A1N00A-7T F-43100LNS 2" 20/100GPM F-430N
71000-392 CARTRIDGE BULLET DBL F-43100LNS-24 1-1/2" 20/100GPM F-430N
71001-537 KIT Top/Bot Cartridge Pin TNut F-43100LNS-E 2" 20/100GPM F-430N W/ EP
75M1 3/4" Molded Pipe Kit for F2000 F-4410V 90003-021 VitonOring 022VITE60
75M2-3/4 3/4" Yellow Body Only F-44250L-8 1/2" NPT .025-.25GPM PVDF FLT
76001-216 2" F/NPT Adapter PVC F-44250LA-8 1/2" .025/.250GPM PVDF FLOAT M
76001-226 1-1/2" F/NPT Adapter PVC F-44375L-8 1/2"NPT .1-1GPM 316SS FLOAT
76001-361 Suction Tubing for C3V141XVA F-44375LA-6 3/8" .1-1GPM Adjustable
76HEF BLUEWHITE CAL CERT. F-44375LA-8 1/2" .1-1GPM Adjustable
90003-021 3/4" Flowmter O-ring QUANT 1 F-44375LB-9 F-440 1/2" 0.1-1 GPM
90003-082 O-ring Seal 3/8",1/2",3/4" F-44375LE-6 F440 3/8"PanelMt .1-1GPM WTR
90003-110 O-ring for Adapter 3/4" Adj. F-44375LE-8 F440 3/8"PanelMt .1-1GPM WTR
90003-118 Viton O-Ring Seal F-44375LK-8 F440 1/2"INLINE .1-1GPM WTR
90007-567 Axle Assembly for F900 F-44376L-8 1/2" MNPT 0.2-2/0.8-8 GPM/LPM
90007-589 Axle PVDF F-1000 F-44376LA-8 3/8" F-440 .2-2GPM, Adj. Model
90010-144 Ext Cable Adder, per foot F-44376LE-6 F440 3/8"NPT .2-2GPM
90012-221 Label F-1000-TB overlay F-44376LH-6 3/8"MALE 0.2-2.0 GPM/LPM"
91001-032 ROTAMETER CAPS F-44500L-8 F-440 1/2" 0.5-5 GPM FLOW METE
91001-144 Adapter F-44500LA-8 F-440 1/2" 0.5-5 GPM FLOW METE
91001-172 1" Panel Lock Nut (Quantity 2) F-44500LB-8 MTR3 .5-5 GPM BRASS 1/2 SWEAT
91001-175 Adapter Adj. Valve 3/4"npt F-44500LB-9 F-440 1/2"MNPT 0.5-5 GPM Meter
91001-176 Adapter Adj. Valve 1"npt F-44560LH-8 1/2" FLOW METER 4-30 GPH
A0002N-1T A-100NF Tube ONLY F-44750L-12 3/4"MNPT 1-10GPM Vert Flmtr
A-001 Plastic Cover for Hose F-44750L-8 1/2"MNPT 1-10GPM Vert Flmtr
A002-3 Tube Assembly for A100 PUMP F-44750LB-12 3/4"MNPT 1-10GPM F-440 SWT
A-002-3N Tube Assembly F-44750LB-13 1-10 GPM 3/4"NPT SOLAR METER
A-002-4 1/4" OD Tygothane Tube F-44750LE-12 .75" 1-10GPM Flow Meter
A-002-4N 1/4"OD Tygothane Tube Norprene F-44N011 1/2" npt Adapter for F-44500LH
A0026 PUMP TUBING & CONNECTORS F-44N05 1/2 and 3/8" Union Nut F440
A-002-6 3/8" OD Tygothane Tube F-44N08 1/2" Union Nipple  F440 SERIES
A-002-6N 3/8"OD Tygothane Tube Norprene F-44N42 1/2" F-450N Union Adapter ONLY
A-002N-1T Tube for Pump  Flexflo A100NF F-45023N Meter bdy 1-10GPM
A-002N-2T Tube for Pump  Flexflo A100NF F-45023N-3 Meter bdy 4-40GPM 15-155LPM
A-002N-3T Tube for A1N30F-3T F-45030N 1" Adapter Polysulfone F/NPT
A002N-4T 1/4" OD, Noreprene F-451001GHN 1" 4-40 SCFM HIGH VOL FLWMTR
A-002N-4T Tube for Pump  Flexflo A100NF F-451001GHN-24 1 1/2" 4-40SCFM  Air Flow Mtr.
A-002N-5T Tube Assy 5/16" Flex Flow Pump F-451001LHBSN 1" F-451 1-10 GPM Flow Meter
A-002N-6T Tubing Kit for A1N10A-6T F-451001LHN 1" F-451 1-10 GPM Flow Meter
A002N-7T 3/8" Internal Hose for A100N F-451001LHN-24 1.5"NPT  Flowmtr Wtr 1-10GPM
A-002N-7T Tube A-100N S/A .43 Tube Nut F-451002GHN-24 1.5" NPT 8-80SCFM Air Service
A002N-8T 3/8" Internal Hose for A100N F-451002-GHNC-24 1.5NPT 8-80SCFM w/PolyShield
A-003 3 Roller for A-1600 Pump F-451002LHBPN F-451 2-20GPM, 1" Brass NPT
A-005 Pump Head F-451002LHBSN F451 1"NPT 2-20GPM WATER
A-008-3 Gearbox 45RPM F-451002LHKN 1"FNPT 2/20GPM HAS C PTF FLOAT
A-014N-6A 3/8" NPT INJECTOR FOR A100N F-451002LHKNE F451 1"NPT 2-20GPM WATER
A-014N-GA 3/8"Barb Injection Fitting STD F-451002LHN F451 1"NPT 2-20GPM WATER
A-023N-B Electronic Board for A100-A F-451002-LHN 1"F/NPT 2/20 GPM  POLY BODY
A0P120PG2GM2 Digital Padel Wheel Meter 115V F-451002LHN-24 1.5"FNPT PVC 2-20GPM WATER
A100N-30A-7T FlexFlo Pump w/60S TIMER 100% F-451002LHNC-24 1.5"FNPT PVC 2-20GPM WATER
A-104N-6A INJECTION FITTING F-451003LHKN 1"3-30 GPM F-451Flow Meter
A-114-4N Tubing F-451003LHN 1"F/NPT 3/30GPM SS FLOATROD
A-1614-6N Flex-Flo Pump A1600 F451003LHN-24 1.5" POLYFNE BDY, 3/30GPM FNPT
A1N00A-4T Flex Pro Pump F-451003LHN-24 1" HiVol 3-30GPM FNPT PVCFIT
A1N00A-6T Flex Pro Pump F-451004LHBPN 1" FNPT, 4-40 GPM, UNITS W/BRS
A1N00A-7T Flex Pro Pump F-451004LHN 1" F-451 4-40 GPM Flow Meter
A1N00F-1T A-100NF FlexFlo Pump 115V F-451004LHN-24 1.5" HiVol 4-40GPM FNPT PVCFIT
A1N00F-4T FlexFlo Pump A-100NF,115V F-451004LHNC 1" F-451 4-40 GPM Flow Meter
A1N00F-5T FlexFlo Pump A-100NF,115V F-451004LHNE 1"FNPT 4-40GPM w/Fittings
A1N00F-FT FlexFlo Pump A-100NF,115V F-451006LHBPN F-451 1" 0.5 to 6 GPM Flow Met
A1N00V-1T  A-100NV Pump 115VAc 5.7GPD F-451006LHNC F-451 .5-6 GPM 1" F/NPT
A1N00V-4T A100N Pump115V/60hz 14SPM F-452020LHN F452 2" 2-20 GPM FloMeter
A1N00V-4T-T15 A100N Pump115V/60hz 14SPM F-452040GHN F452N RotoMtr 4-40SCFm 2" Conn
A1N00V-6T A100N Pump, F-452043N Viton O Ring
A1N02F-4T-T7 Flexpro Pump 2.3 GPD 230V 7GAL F-452060LHN 2" 6-60 GPM F-452N Flow Meter
A1N10A-4T Flexpro 30 Stk/mn, 115V,Fixed F-452060LHNC 2" 6-60 GPM F-452N W/SHIELD
A1N10A-7T Flex-Flo A-100N Pump 115VAC F-452080LHN 2" FNPT 8-80GPM Flow Meter
A1N10C-6T A-100N NorpTube 16GPD 100PSI F-452080-LHN 2" F/NPT 8/80GPM POLY BDY STD
A1N10C-7T Flex Flo pump F-452100LHN 2" FNPT 6-100GPM F-452N
A1N10E-6T  A-100NE Pump 115VAc 16GPDGPD F-452100LHNC 2" 6-100GPM F-452 Flowmeter
A1N10F-4T A-100NF Pumop 115VCAc 4.9GPD F-452130LHN 2" FNPT 20-130GPM FloMeter
A1N10V-4T  A-100NV Pump 115VAc 4.9GPD F-452130LHNC 2" 20-130GPM F-452 Flowmeter
A1N10V-7T  A-100NV Pump 115VAc 52.5GPD F-452175LHKNC 2FNPT 25-175G/100-675L HSTLY
A1N12A-6T A100N FlexFlow Pump 230V F-452175LHN 2" 20-175 GPM F-452N FLOWMETER
A1N12C-6T A100N FlexFlow Pump 230V F-452175LHNC 2" 20-175 GPM F-452N w/SHIELD
A1N12F-4T A100N FlexFlow Pump 230V/60HZ F-452250GHN 2" 40-240 SCFM F-452N FLWMTR
A1N20A-6T A100N FlexFlo115VAC 60SEC NSF F-452TC-2 Tri-clamps for F-452N 2" Meter
A1N20A-6T-5 A100N FlexFlo115VAC 60SEC NSF F-45375L-6 3/8 NPT .1-1 GPM FLOWMETER
A1N20A-7T A100N PeriPump 76.1GPD F-45375L-8 1/2" .1-1 GPM F450N FLOW METER
A1N20C-6T Flex-Flo A-100N Pump 115V F-45376G-8 1/2" Inline Flow 1-12 SCFM
A1N20F-4T 115V Metering Pump Adj output F-45376L-6 3/8" NPT .2-2 GPM FLOWMETER
A1N20F-6T Variable Speed Ctrl 115V/60Hz F-45376L-8 1/2'' MxFNPT .2/2GPM BLUWHT FM
A1N20V-2T FLEXFLO 145N 115V PUMP F-45500L-12 3/4"NPT .5-5GPM Inline Flwmtr
A1N20V-6T  A-100NV Pump 115VAc 24GPD F-45500L-6 3/8" FNPT Inline Flow Meter
A1N20V-6T-REP Flex-Flo A-100N Pump REPAIR F-45500LA-12 3/4"450NA .5-5GPM ADJ WATER
A1N22C-4T 230V 8 GPD A-100N FLEXFLO PUMP F-45500LB-13 F-450N 3/4" .5-5 GPM Flow Mete
A1N30A-6T Flex-flo A-110N Max 30.1GPD F-4550L-12 3/4" .5-5Gpm Flow Meter
A1N30A-7T FlexFlo 160N 115V .43T 1MIN F-45750G-12 3/4" Inline Flow 4-48 SCFM
A1N30C-7T A100NC ELEC PMP 3.96GPH F-45750L-12 F-450 3/4"MNPT 1-10 GPM INLINE
A1N30E-7T A100NC ELEC PMP 91.5GPD F-45750LA-12 3/4" 1-bl10 GPM Adj. Mod.
A1N30F-3T 124GPD  Paristaltic Pump 115V F45750LB-12 SOLAR 3/4" 1-10GPM w/Brass
A1N30F-6T A100NV Flex-Flo Pump F-45750LB-12 F-450 3/4"SWT 1-10 GPM INLINE
A1N30F-7T A100NV Flex-Flo Pump F-45750LKA-12 3/4" 1-10GPM ADJUST FLOWMETER
A-1N30V-3T A-100n 60Strokes/Min 115V F-45850LB-13 3/4" npt 1-10GPM Solarmeter
A1N30V-6T A-100NF Flex-Flo 30.1 GPD F-45N013 1/2" F-450N NPT Apd. Staight
A1N30V-7T A-100NF 3.96 GPH, Noprene 115V F-46010LP-12K 3/4" PVC UNITON NUT, PVDF ADAP
A1N30X-3T FlexFlo Pump 124GPD MAX50PSI F-46010LP-12P 3/4" PVC UNION NUT, .1/1.2GPM
A3F14SND-2 A3 FlexPro 62RPM 115V Pump F-46010LX-08P F-460 1/2" 0.1-1.2 GPM METER
A3F24-SNF FlexPro Peristaltic Metering F-46010LX-13G 3/4 .1-1.2GPM Socket/Polyprop
A3F24-SNK 3/8"OD PMP, .33/33.3GPH,115VAC F-46010LX-13K 3/4 .1-1.2GPM Socket/PVDF
A3-MNJ-T Single Tubes ONLY F-46020LX-08P F-460 1/2" 0.2-2.0 GPM METER
A3-MNK-T A3 MNK NORP 1/2MNPT TubeONLY F-46030LX-12P 3/4" F-461 Meter .3-3 GPM
A3-SNK-T Neoprene Replacement Tubes F-46050LX-08P 1/2'' .5-5.0GPM PVC ENDS LIQ
A3-SXX-C PUMP HEAD COVER FOR MODEL F-46050LX-12P 3/4" F-461 Meter .5-5 GPM
A3V24-MNH A3V Pro-series Metering Pump F-461100LX-16P 1'' 1-10GPM pvc ends
A3V24-MNK Peristaltic Pump Hypochlorite F-461200LX-16P 1" 2/20GPM PVC ADT LIQ SER
A3V24-MNKL A3V 115V 1/2"MNPT LowPres F-461300LX-17G 1" 3/35GPM POLYPROP ADA LIQ
A3V24-SND A-3 FLEX PRO .02-2.1 GPH 115V F-461300LX-17K 1"NPT 3/35GPM PVDF ADAPT LIQ
A3V24SNH A3V Pro-series Metering Pump F-462200LX-32H 2"FNPT 2/20GPM POLY BDY, SS FL
A3V24-SNJ Flexpro Parastal Metering Pump F-462500LX-32H 2" FNPT 5-50GPM FlowMeter
A3V24-SNK Flexpro A3 33.3GPH 125PSI F-462800LX-32H 2" F/NPT 8/80GPM POLY BDY LIQ
A4F24-MNJ Flexpro A4 Peristaltic Pump F-55000L 1/2"NPT ROTAMETER BLUWHT
A4V24-MNK Flexpro A4 1/2"NPT .02/50.7GPH F55010L 1" 1-10GPM FloMeter
AOP1100A8GM1 10" F-2000 Dig Flmtr 115V ANLG F-55015L 1"NPT ROTAMETER BLUWHT
AOP120M2GM2 2" 6-60 GPM F-200 115V ANALOG F-55200L 1" 2/20 GPM PNL MNT FLWMETER
AOS150M1GM1 1/2" R&T w/4-20mA 0-10VDC OUT F-55200LA 1"NPT 316SS Float 2-20GPM ADJV
APPX15M3GM3 MTR15 F-2000 1.5 MPT GPM LOW F55250G 1/4" 01- to 1.2 SCFM Flo Meter
B132-150 1.5"x2" Turbine Flow Meter F-55250GA 1/4"npt 0.1 to 1.2 SCFM Meter
C11V441X-000V00 C1100 Pump w/o Tank 115v60hz F-55250L 1/4"mnpt 0.1 to 1.0 Liq Meter
C-1502 Dial Knob F-55375G 3/8" 0.5-4.5 SCFM Flo Meter
C15N004X000V00 115V LARGE DIAPHRAGM PUMP F-55375L 1/2"  F-550 .1-1gpm Flowmeter
C15N102X401VA2 30 RPM 115V C1500N PUMP F-55375LA 3/8"  F-550 .1-1gpm Flowmeter
C15N302X040V70 C1500N 50 SPM 115V METER PUMP F-55376G ACR RTMTR 1-7SCFM 3/4" MT PP
C15N302X401VA2 60 RPM 115V C1500N PUMP F-55376L 3/8"M/NPT, .2/2GPM 315SSFLOAT
C15N402X000V00 BW PUMP,115V/60HZ 125PSMX 68.4 F-55376LA 1/2" .2-2 GPM FLOWMETER W/ VLV
C15N402X026V00 C1500 STD 115V 1.4GPD F-55500GA 1/2"npt 2-20SCFM Flow meter
C15N402X040V70 C1500N Pump 115V 5.9oz/Min F-55500L 1/2"MNPT F-550 .5/5GPM SSFLOAT
C15N404X000V00 BW PUMP,115V/60HZ 70PSMX 119.7 F-55500LA 1/2"  F-550 .5-5gpm PMeter
C15N432X040V70 BW PUMP DIAPHRM PUMP F-55750L 3/4" MNPT 1/10GPM 316SS GUID
C15N443X000V00 115V 9.5 GPH DIAPHRM PUMP F-55750LA 3/4" MNPT 1/10GPM 316SS GUID
C15NQ82X000V00 Diaphrm Pump 240V 50HZ 26.6GPD F-67500L2S-08KV BlueWhite Rotameter
C17N004X000V00 C-1700N  Duplex Diaph. Pump FA-40750LN-12 3/4"FNPT 1-10GPM LIQUID F-410N
C17N302X000V00 C-1700N Duple Pump 115V FHXX10M2 1"NPT TUBINE FLOMTR SNSR
C17N401X000V00 Duplex Diaph Meter Pump 115V FHXX15M3 1.5"NPT TURBINE FLOMTR SNSR
C17N402X000V00 C-1700N Meter Pump 115 VAC FI-100-4V CFI for use 1/4" O.D. tubing
C17N404X000V00 C-1700N  Duplex Diaph. Pump FI-100-6V 3/8" .37T Flow Indicator Only
C-1817N-5 Speed Control for Flexflo FI-100S-6V Flow Ind. SS
C-1819VSG-24 24VDC Motor 90010-244 FS1-600-6V 24-240OZ/MIN PADDLEWHEEL FLO
C2F241XVA Chem-Pro Diaph. Metering Pump FV-101-6V Micro Flow Meter
C2F242XVB Chem-Pro Diaph. Metering Pump FV1-100-7V 1/4''OD SNSR ONLY 115V,CLEAR P
C-304 Yoke w/ Bearing FV-200-7E BLWHT MICRO FLWMTR SNR ONLY
C-3304 Yoke and Bearing for C1530SP L-40500LN-6 3/8" NPT, Flowmeter, .5-5 GPM
C-330-4 TUBE NUT BLU WHT PCP438P1LM1 3/8" FNPT 3-30 GMP Rotometer
C330-6 Nut Tube PCS130K8GM1 PC F-2000 PDLWHEEL 60-600GPM
C-330-6 Tube Nut .37T, P.P. R-106NE NE Diaphragm SP Standard
C-3325 Cam Set Sub Assy for C1530SP R-106VT-15N DIAPH EPDM 1.6 for C1500N
C-334-6 5FT Suction Tube RB-1000S4-GPM1 10" F1000 Paddlewheel FloMtr
C-334-6-10 Suction Fitting RB-100MI-GPM1 1" F-1000 Padd. wheel Mtr.
C-335-6 5FT Discharge Tube RB-100MI-GPM1-RT 1"MNPT 5-50GPM Rate/Total
C-335-6-10 Discharge Fitting RB-100MI-GPM2 1" MNPT F-100 PADDLEWHEEL FLW
C-335-6-100 100FT Tubing A100N Discharge RB-100ST-GPM1 F-1000 PdlWhl Mtr SS 6-60GPM
C-335-6-25 DISCHARGE TUBING, 25' EXT BLUW RB-150AT-GPM1 1.5" F-1000 15-150GPM
C-340A FootValve for A100N ChemPump RB-150MI-GPM3 1.5" 10-100 Flow Meter
C-346 CERAMIC WEIGHT BLUE WHITE RB-150S4-GPM1 1.5in rate flow meter 15-150
C-395N-6A 3/8" OD Check Vlv. Pump C-630P RB-150S8-GPM1 1.5" 15-150 GPM RATE ONLY
C-406T Diaphragm LP Standard RB-150ST-GPM1 1.5NPT SSb15-150GPM w/IndRATE
C-406T-15N Diaphragm for C1500N RB-200AT-LPM1 2" PVC PIPE 100-1000LPM F-1000
C-406T-15-N Diaphram W/ Loctight RB-200MI-GPM1 2inMNPT Poly Fmtr 4-40GPM
C-406VT DIAPHRAGM S/A 2.0 STD VIT/TFE RB-200MI-GPM4 F-1000 Paddle Wheel Flowmeter
C-406VT-17N Call M&M at 1-800-876-0036 RB-200S8-GPM1 2" 30-300 GPM RATE ONLY
C-504HD Side screw for C1500N RB-250S8-GPM1 2.5" 40-400 GPM RATE ONLY
C-527-6V Cartridge Valve Assm. 3/8" Dis RB-300S4-GPM1 3" 60-600 GPM RATE ONLY SCH40
C-528-6V Cartridge Valve Assm. 3/8" Suc RB-300S8-GPM1 3" 60-600 GPM RATE ONLY
C-529 U-Pin Retainer RB-375MI-GPM2 3/8".4-4GPM F1000-RB
C-535A6-6 Pump Head Repair Kit w/o diaph RB-400S8-GPM1 4" 100-1000 GPM RATE ONLY
C-535K6-6 Pump Head Repair Kit w/ diaph RB-500MI-GPM2 1/2" F-1000 .5-5GPM
C-560-6V Adapter SA Bullet .37T Viton RB-600S4-GPM1 6" 250-2500  GPM RATE ONLY
C-568-6A Check Valve 2 valve set RB-600S8-GPM1 6" 125-2500  GPM RATE ONLY
C-6125P-115VAC C-600P Diaph Metering Pump RB-750FI-GPM2 3/4" .8-8 GPM F-1000 Molded
C-614P-115VAC C-600P Pump 115VAC  24GPD RB-750MI-GPM1 3/4" 3-30GPM F-1000
C-6250HV-115VAC C-600HV Diaph. Metering Pump RB-750MI-GPM2 3/4" .8-8 GPM F-1000
C630P-115VAC C-600P Chem-Feed 125 Max PSI RB-800S8-GPM1 8" 400-4000 GPM RATE ONLY
C-630P-115VAC C630 MechPump 2.4GPH 115VAC RSTB75M1GM1 F2000 Paddlewheel Flo Mtr
C630P-24VAC C-600P 58GPD Metering Pump RT-100MI-GPM1 F-1000 5-50GPM 1"PIPE
C-642N-30 Motor Assemby, 30 Stroke RT-100MI-GPM1-CAL CAL OF F-1000 5-50GPM 1"PIPE
C-660P-115VAC 110GPD 4.6GPH C600P SERIES RT-100ST-GPM1 1'' 316SS Bdy Digital Meter
C-806ET Diaph. for Chem Feed Pump RT-1200S4-GPM1 F-1000 Rate/Totl 800-8000GPMl
CFS-2-AAD-AAA-AA Dual Pump Head Skid System RT-150MI-GPM1 F-1000 1.5" PadMeter4-40GPM
D-03200P 2" 40-150GPM Vert Copper Pipe RT-150MI-GPM3 F-1000 1.5" PadMeter10-100GPM
D-30150P BLUE-WHITE FLOW METER RT-150S4-GPM1 1.5in rate/tot flo metr 15-150
D-30200P 1.5" F300 40-150 GPM Flow mtr RT-150ST-GPM1 1 1/2" BLUE-WHITE F-1000 SER
F-1000TB-150-P1-GPM- 3 (1.5" F NPT GPM RNG 3 RT-200MB-LPM4 RTE/TTLZER 2" MLD BRIT
F1-100-4V ChemFeed Indicator 1/4"OD RT-200MI-GPM4 F-1000 Paddle Wheel Flowmeter
F1-100-6V 3/8" tubing, glass bobbin, Acy RT200ST-GPM1 F-1000 Meter
F-3003 GasketSeal 4" or smaller F-300 RT-200ST-LPM1 Call M&M at 1-800-876-0036
F-3005 Red Plastics Plug for F300 RT-250S4-GPM1 2.5" F-1000, Flow Rate & Total
F-30100P 1" FLWMTR 5/35GPM ACRYLIC SSCL RT-300S4-GPM1 3"Sch80 SadMt Rte/Ttl 60-600
F-30100PR 1" FlowMeter 2-10GPM RT-300S8-GPM1 3"Sch80 SadMt Rte/Ttl 60-600
F-30100T 1" 5-35 GPM Flow Meter RT-375MI-GPM2 3/8" Rate Totalizer .4-4GPM
F-30125P 1.25" 15-75GPM Rotometer RT375MI-LPM2 3/8" Inline Dig. Meter 1-10LPM
F-30125TR 1.5"NPT F-300 FLOWM 5/35GPM RT-400S4-GPM1 4" SADDLE MNT 100-1000 GPM
F-30150P 1.5" 20-100 GPM Horiz Pvc Pipe RT-500MI-GPM1 1/2" Rate Totalizer 2-20GPM
F-30150-P 1.5"NPT F300 FLOMTR 20/100GPM RT-500MI-GPM2 1/2NPT .5-5GPM Rate/Total
F-30150PR 1.5" 9-30 GPM Flowmeter RT-600S4-GPM1 6" SADDLE MNT 250-2500 GPM
F-30150-PR 1.5"NPT F300 FLOMTR 20/100GPM RT-750MI-GPM1 FLW RTE AND TOTAL, 3/4" IPS
F30150T 1.5" 20-100 GPM Flow Gauge RT-800S4-GPM1 8" SADDLE MNT 400-4000 GPM
F-30150T 1.5" f-300 Flow Meter Copper RTP1100A4GM1 10" F-2000 Digital Flmtr 115V
F30200P DO NOT USE SEE F-30200P RTP1100A8GM1 10" F-2000 Digital Flmtr 115V
F-30200P 2" 40-150 GPM Horiz Pvc Pipe RTP110M1GM1 1" NPT 6-60 GPM PADDLE WHEEL
F-30200PR 2" 18-70GPM PVC Pipe F-300 RTPB100A4GM1 10" Flowmeter
F-30200-PR 2"NPT LOW FLO 18/70GPM ACRY BD RTPB10P1GM1 1" F-2000 6-60GPM Batt,Panel
F-30200T 2" 40-150GPM F-300 Flmt Copper RTPB20K4GM1 F-2000 Digital Flmtr 30-300GPM
F-30200TR 2" 18-70GPM F-300 Flmt Copper RTS120K8GM1 F-2000 12" DIGIMETER
F30250P DO NOT USE SEE F-30250P RTS150P1GM1 F-2000 Totalizer 1/2"
F-30250P 2.5" 60-240 GPM Horiz Pvc Pipe RTS240A8GM1 4" F-2000 Rate & Totalizing
F-30250-P DO NOT USE SEE F-30250P RTS410PIGPM1 1" Pulls Output for PLC
F-30300P 3" F-300 FLOW METER 80-300 GPM RTS420P1LM1 2" Flowmeter w/ Rate & Totaliz
F-30300PR 3"PIPE, 40/140 GPM LOW FLOW RTS450P2LM2 1/2" Flowmeter w/ Rate & Total
F-30300T 3" FLOW METR, 80/300GPM, CPR T RTSB10P2GM2 F-2000 Totalizer 1"
F-30400P 4" F-300 FLOW METER125-500GPM RTSB20K8GM1 F-2000 2" DIGIMETER
F-30600P 6" F-300 FLOW METER250-1050GPM RTSB75M1GM1 F-2000 .75 IN DIGIMETER
F-30600T 6"COPPER TUBE 250-1050 GPM H S1A1A1 SonicPro Hybrid Ultrasonic Flm
F-30660P 6" F-300 FlowMeter 250-1050GPM S1A1A3 SonicPro Hybrid Ultrasonic Flm
F-30800P 8" F-300 FLOW METER500-1900 S2A1A1015SDGMAGE 1.5" Gallon SonicPro Flowmeter
F-4009 3/4"FNPT Adaptor Polyprop S2A1A1015SDGMALE 1.5" Liters SonicPro Flowmeter
F-4010K Viton O-Ring for F-410N S2A1A1020SDGMAGE 2" Gallons SonicPro Flowmeter
F-4011 1" F/NPT ADAPTERS POLYPRO S2A1A1020SDGMALE 2" Liters SonicPro Flowmeter
F-40250LN-4 1/4" .025-.25 GPM FLOWMETER S3XXA3 ProSeries S3 Ultra Sonic, 50ft
F-40375LN-6 3/8"NPT .1-1GPM WATER T15N102I026V01 115V 60HZ Pmp W/ Tank
F-40375LN-8 1/2"NPT .1-1GPM WATER T15N102X000V01 Star System T-1500N, 7Gallon
F-40376GN-6 3/8" FNPT, 0.75-7.5 SCFM, AIR T15N102X026V01 T1514N 7GAL 8.3GPD METER
F-40376GN-8 1/2"nptF-400N Mtr .75-7.5 SCFM T15N322X026V01 T1500N 230V .6GPD W/TANK
F-40376LN-6 3/8" poly 316ss meter .2-2GPM T15N402X000V02 T-1500N 15 Gallon Pump 115VAC
F-40376LN-8 3/8" poly 316ss meter .2-2GPM T15N404X000V02 T-1500N 15 Gallon Pump 115VAC
F-40377GN-6 3/8"NPT 1.00 to 12.0 F'Mtr Air T2C-100 1" Filter
F-40377GN-8 1/2"NPT 1.00 to 12.0 F'Mtr Air TB100PIGPM1 1" 6-60GPM Pulls Output PLC
F-40377LN-6 3/8 F/NPT 316SS  .3-3.0 TB-150MI-GPM3 F-1000 1-1/2"IPS, 10-100GPM
F-40377LN-8 1/2 F/NPT 316SS  .3-3.0 TB-150S4-GPM1 1.5in total flow meter 15-150
F-40500GK-6 3/8" NPT 2-20 SCFM HAST ROD TB-200MI-GPM1 2" F1000, 4-40GPM, Total
F-40500GK-8 1/2" NPT 2-20 SCFM HAST ROD TB-200MI-GPM4 F-1000 Paddle Wheel Flowmeter
F-40500GN-6 3/8"NPT 2.0 to 20.0 F'Mtr Air TB-375MI-GPM1 3/8" .8/8 GPM TOTAL F-1000 DIG
F-40500LK-8 1/2''FNPT FLOW 150PSI .5-5GPM TB-500MI-LPM2 1/2" 2-20LPM F-1000 Flowmeter
F40500LN-6 DO NOT USE SEE F-40500LN-6 TB-750MI-GPM1 Padlwhl Flwmtr 3/4"3-30GPM
F-40500LN-6 3/8"NPT .5-5GPM Water F'Mtr TB750PIGPM1 3/4" 4-40GPM PullsOutput PLC
F-40500LN-8 1/2''FNPT FLOW 150PSI .5-5GPM TI40-6V Threadless Injector Fitting
F-40750GN-16 F-410N 1" 4-45SCFM, Flowmeter TI-40-6V THREADED INJECTOR, BLUEWHI
F-40750LK-12 3/4"FNPT 1-10GPM Water F-410N TI48-6V Injector Fitting
F-40750LN-12 3/4"FNPT 1-10GPM Water F-410N U-30150PR 1.5" F300 40-150 GPM Flow MTR
F-40750LN-16 1" FNPT 1-10GPM Water F-410N U-30200P 2" F300 40-150 GPM Flow meter
F-410002N-16 1" NPT 2-20 GPM FLOWMETER U-30200PR 2" F300 40-150 GPM Flow meter
F-41000LK-16 1" FNPT, F-410N, 2-20 GPM U-30200T 2" CU TUBE, 40-150 GPM STD FLW
F-41000LN-12 3/4"BLUEWHT 2/20GPM,POLY,316SS U-30200TR 2" CU TUBE, 18-70 GPM LOW FLW



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