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Liquid Level Controls

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Horizontally-Mounted Switches
Ultrasonic Sensor Type BLS
Granzow Ultrasonic Sensor Horizontally-Mounted Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Product Types: BLS 10, BLS 11, BLS 20, BLS 30
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +238°F
  • Supply Voltage: 12-30VDC
  • Material: Stainless Steel with PEEK
  • One sensor detects different media (liquids, bulk goods, foams: sticky, pasty or high or low viscosity)
  • Maximum temperature stability and repeat accuracy
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • Response time < 100 ms
  • Fully integrated electronics
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to install
  • LED switching point indicator
  • IP67 304 or 316 SS enclosure & PEEK tip
  • Process temperature range -40°F to +238°F
Compact Switch Type C01
Granzow Trimod Besta Compact Switch Trimod Besta Compact Switch
  • Product Types: C01C05, C329C05
  • Flange: 92 x 92mm (square), JIS DN 65A (round)
  • Temperature: Up to 248°F (IP 67) and 302°F (IP 65)
  • Wetted Parts: Stainless Steel
Designed for a wide range of liquid applications, the new Compact switch offers the manufacturer’s renowned quality in a smaller package at an unbeatable price. It is robust, easily installed, and approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.
Square Flanged Switch Type A01
Granzow Trimod Besta Square Flanged Trimod Besta Square Flanged
  • Product Types: A01, AA01, B01, BB01
  • Flange: 92 x 92mm
  • Temperature: Up to 572°F
  • Wetted Parts: Stainless Steel
The characteristic of a level switch with the standard square flange is the flange in stainless steel with bolt holes on a 92mm PCD. Typical applications are shipbuilding, chemical engineering, food industry, pulp and paper, drinking water supply, sewage water, etc.
ANSI Flanged Switch Type A131
Trimod Besta ANSI Switches Horizontally-Mounted Trimod Besta ANSI Switches
  • Product Types: A131, A141, A151, A161
  • ANSI Flange: 3"-6"
  • Temperature: Up to 572°F
  • Wetted Parts: Stainless Steel
The main feature of the industrial range is the wide choice of flange modules, manufactured according to International standards such as ANSI, DIN, BS and JIS. Available in different steel qualities, nominal sizes and pressure ratings. Typical applications are off-shore rigs, steam boiles, power stations, chemical and petrochemical engineering, heating and refrigeration, etc.
PTFE/PVDF/PP Type 1313
Granzow Trimod Besta Switch Trimod Besta PTFE/PVDF/PP
  • Product Types: 1313, 1314, 1513, 1613
  • ANSI Flange: 3"-6"
  • Temperature: Up to 392°F
  • Wetted Parts: PP, PTFE, PVDF
The main feature of the non-metallic range is that all wetside materials are in corrosion-resistant plastics such as PP, PTFE or PVDF. Typical applications are chemical engineering, electroplating, food industry, etc.
Pneumatic On/Off Type P
Trimod Besta Pneumatic On/Off Switch Trimod Besta Pneumatic On/Off
  • Product Types: P, PV, FP
  • Flange: 92 x 92mm
  • Temperature: Up to 482°F
  • Wetted Parts: Stainless Steel
The P type units are for control of pneumatic applications. The unit is equipped with a direct controlled 3/2 valve for control air of 0-145 psig. Operation with other non-corrosive gases of fluids is possible. Also available with all parts of stainless steel.
Proportional Switch Type MV
Trimod Proportional Switches Trimod Proportional Switches
  • Product Types: M, MV, FM
  • Flange: 92 x 92mm
  • Temperature: Up to 482°F
  • Wetted Parts:Stainless Steel
The M type units are for pneumatic proportional control applications. Equipped with a pneumatic control valve which converts the supply paressure of 20 psig to on output signal of 2.9 psig to 14.5 psig, proportional to changes in the liquid level. Also available with all parts in stainless steel.
Dry Media Level Limit Switch Type FUELL
Compact Level Limit Switch Compact Level Limit Switch
  • Product Types: FG
  • Measurement: Capacitive
  • Medium: Bulk Goods
  • Maximum Pressure: 145 psi
Usable for level limit detection in silos with bulk goods. The probe is nearly maintenance free, has no wear, and is very easy to mount on steel silos and steel hoppers. With a modified mounting it is also possible to use in silos made of concrete.
Horizontally-Mounted Accessories Type 2382
Trimod Besta Accessories Trimod Besta Accessories
  • Product Types: 2382, 2383, 28XX
  • Temperature: Up to 752°
  • Material: Carbon Steel
The simplest method of installing any level switch with the standard square flange is to use our standard weld-on counter flange which is available in stainless steel and carbon steel. The test actuator allows a periodic manual function check of the level switch in operating status. Test actuators can be used with all the switches which have square flanges.The use of float chambers allow functional checks and servicing to be carried out without interrupting operation, provided that isolation nad drain valves are included in the process connections.

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