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Turbine Flow Meters

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Turbine Flow Meters: Blancett® turbine flow meters measure everything from water in hydraulic fracturing and mining operations, to gases and liquids from wellheads, plus various fluids in sanitary environments. Blancett turbine meters deliver accurate, consistent, and informative flow measurements of liquid and gas, including in upstream oil and gas, petrochemical and irrigation applications.

Model 1100 Turbine Flow Meter

Blancett Model 1100 Turbine Flow Meter

The Model 1100 Turbine flow meter maintains measurement accuracy and mechanical integrity in many industrial applications.

  • Simple Installation. Built for simple installation and service, requiring a minimum of 10 diameters upstream and 5 diameters downstream straight pipe length.
  • Flexible Operation. Designed to operate in any orientation (horizontal to vertical) as long as the flow direction arrow is aligned with the actual line flow.
  • Durable Construction. Features a rugged 316 stainless steel housing and rotor support assemblies with CD4CU stainless steel rotor.

QuikSert® In-Line Turbine Flow Meter

Blancett QuikSert Turbine Flow Meter

The Blancett QuikSert In-Line Turbine flow meter features a unique between-the-flange design, which eliminates the need for mating flanges and saves both installation time and cost.

  • Durable Design. Features a 316 stainless steel body, which incorporates a helical turbine with tungsten carbide shaft and bearing to provide a long service life.
  • Reliable Performance. Maintains a ± 1% accuracy rate, even in aggressive environments where accuracy and dependability are needed.
  • Streamlined Installation. Built with a between-the-flange design and wafer-style mounting configuration for simple installation in limited space requirements.

B1750 Positive Displacement Meter

B1750 Positive Displacement Meter

The Blancett B1750 Positive Displacement meter provides high measurement accuracy, trouble-free operation and long service life for fluids over a wide viscosity range.

  • Sustained Accuracy. Maintains an accuracy rate of ± 0.5% of reading and repeatability of ±0.1%, while measuring a variety of liquids.
  • Liquid Versatility. Measures fluids with a wide range of viscosities, including lubricants, fuels, chemicals, solvents, oils and greases.
  • Long Service Life. Built with only two 2 moving parts, providing trouble-free operation and long service life.

FloClean Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter

Blancett FloClean Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter

Developed for use in a variety of food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications, the Blancett FloClean Sanitary Turbine flow meter is suitable for use in clean-out-of-place (COP) and sterilize-out-of-place (SOP) environments.

  • Exceptional Accuracy. Durable 316L stainless steel construction provides excellent accuracy and repeatability.
  • Reliable Design. Built with a lightweight, balanced rotor that provides instantaneous response to changes in flow and provides consistent gas flow measurement.
  • Simple Installation. Does not have a mating flange, which allows for quick and easy installation with limited space requirements.

Model 1200 In-Line Turbine Flow Meter

Blancett Model 1200 In-Line Turbine Flow Meter

The Blancett Model 1200 In-Line Turbine flow meter is expertly engineered to provide both accuracy and durability in aggressive industrial environments.

  • Durable Design. Built with a 303 stainless steel body and internal wetted parts, with two type-440 stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Sustained Accuracy. Maintains measurement accuracy and mechanical integrity, even when measuring corrosive and abrasive liquids.
  • Cost-Effective Solution. Pairs with a Blancett flow monitor to meet a wide range of measurement requirements, making it ideal for pipelines, production/injection fields, mining operations, offshore facilities and other industrial applications.

900 Series Flow Meter

Blancett 900 Series Flow Meter

The Blancett 900 Series flow meter is designed with rotary vane and multi-jet mechanisms to provide reliable and long-term flow measurement.

  • Interchangeable Inserts. Features interchangeable inlet inserts with three different sized pre-calibrated orifices for low, medium and high meter flow ranges.
  • Proven Longevity. Built with time-proven rotary vane and multi-jet mechanisms, which provide long-term measurement and totalization with minimum maintenance required.
  • Streamlined Service & Installation. Can be easily installed by facing the flow arrow in the same direction of the fluid flow and requires minimal maintenance over the life of the meter.

B142 Gas QuikSert® Turbine Flow Meter

B142 Gas QuikSert® Blancett Turbine Flow Meter

The Blancett B142 Gas QuikSert® Turbine flow meter is fully compatible with all Blancett flow monitors, K-factor scalers and intelligent converts, as well as most instruments, PLCs and computers.

  • Durable Construction. Has a 316 stainless steel body and tungsten carbide shaft and bearings for high performance and long service life, even in aggressive environments.
  • Consistent Measurement. Features a lightweight, balanced rotor that turns at a speed proportional to the flow rate to provide consistently accurate measurements within ± 2%.
  • Simple Installation. Built with a unique wafer-style design, which allows for quick installation between two flanges.

Intelligent Frequency Converter

Intelligent Frequency Converter

The converters measure and calculate the flow rate of a turbine flow meter and produce an analog output representative of that flow rate, in the form of a 4…20 mA or 0…5 VDC signal.

  • Adjustable Frequency Divider.
  • Amplified Pulse Output
  • Converts turbine pulse output into linearized analog output.

K-Factor Scaler

K-Factor Scaler

The K-Factor Scaler provides an amplified signal, even when a frequency conversion is not required. This signal is more immune to electrical noise and capable of transmission over longer distances than a raw turbine meter output.

  • Application Versatility. Features an adjustable frequency divider that converts or "scales" the turbine meter output into units of measurement needed for a specific application.
  • Amplified Signal. Provides an amplified signal that is more immune to electrical noise capable of long-distance transmissions.
  • Choice of Model. Available in switch-selectable and programmable models, so users can select the right fit for their application.


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