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Flow Monitors

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Flow Monitors: Blancett's flow monitors fit a variety of application constraints such as hazardous area locations and pulse and network communications. Flow monitors are for use with Blancett flow meters, but can be used with almost any flow meter producing a low amplitude AC output.

B3100 Series Flow Monitor

Blancett B3100 Series Flow Monitor

The Blancett B3100 Series flow monitor is a flexible, durable, easy-to-use platform for flow metering applications.

  • Simple Configuration. Easy configuration via PC with free downloadable software.
  • Easy-to-Understand Display. Shows flow rate, total, measuring units and a flow rate indicating speedometer on a bright, backlit LED display screen.
  • Application Versatility. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including secondary oil recovery, remediation and reclamation, fracture/refracture, industrial chemicals and more.

B3000 Series Flow Monitor

Blancett B3000 Series Flow Monitor

The Blancett B3000 Series flow monitor displays both flow rate and flow total to provide users with greater control and visibility of batch operations.

  • Advanced Connectivity. Designed with advanced connectivity, which provides connection to meters within the network for remote monitoring and process automation capabilities.
  • Enhanced Data. Features updated display and totalization options to provide more flow information, including simultaneous display of rate and total, as well as standard, batch and grand totals.
  • Alarm Parameters. Equipped with alarm parameters to provide faster warning when something changes within the process or pipeline.

B2900 Series Flow Monitor

Blancett B2900 Series Flow Monitor

The Blancett B2900 Series flow monitor incorporates state-of-the-art, digital signal processing technology, designed to provide exceptional flexibility at a very affordable price.

  • Robust Alarms. Features alarm parameters that provide faster warning when something changes within the process or pipeline.
  • Application Versatility. Suitable for applications with a wide variety of metering needs, including secondary oil recovery, fracture/refracture, coal bed methane, industrial chemicals and more.
  • Advanced Connectivity. Enables users to connect meters within their network for remote monitoring and process automation capabilities.


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