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  Polyball Natural Gas ValvesKerotest Products


Kerotest Polyball Natural Gas Valves


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Polyball Natural Gas Valves

Polyball Polyethylene Valves for Natural Gas

Polyball Natural Gas Valves
  • Full port and reduced port sizes from 1/2" to 12" IPS (20 to 315mm)
  • Available with high head extensions in varying heights to meet specific installation requirements
  • Temperature: From -20°F to 140°F (-29°C to 60°C)
  • Pipe Connection: Butt fusion, mechanical fittings, electrofusion
  • Stem Type: Standard or high head extended stem, length as required
  • Kerotest Polyball polyethylene ball valves meet the requirements of ASME B16.40
  • Manually operated thermoplastic gas shutoffs and valves in gas distribution systems

Benefits & Features

Custom, dedicated tooling and equipment have been developed for every valve size to achieve and maintain quality levels during production and minimize variation in all processes. All POLYBALL valves now feature the new industry standard tracking and traceability code per ASTM F2897 that allows instant access to individual valve specifications. With decoding software, simply scan the barcode to see the production date, size, material and valve type, lot code and more.


  Polyball Water ValvesKerotest Products


Kerotest Polyball Water Valves


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Polyball Water Valves

Polyball Water Valves

Kerotest Polyball Water Valves
  • Polyethylene valves for water and wastewater
  • Full port or reduced port sizes
  • Temperature: From 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
  • Pipe Connection: Butt fusion, electrofusion, or flanged end
  • The Kerotest PolyballTM Water Valve meets or exceeds all industry standards
  • All POLYBALLTM WATER valves are approved for use in potable water systems per NSF 61 requirements

Benefits & Features

The Polyball valve is Made-in-the-USA in Kerotest's state-of-the-art facility. Custom, dedicated tooling and equipment have been developed for every valve size to achieve and maintain quality levels during production and minimize variation in all processes. Valves are maintenance-free and corrosion-free, with drop-tight shutoff. Kerotest POLYBALLTM WATER Valves protect and preserve safe, healthy, leak-free drinking water distribution systems.


  Meter SetsKerotest Products


Kerotest Meter Sets


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Pre-fabricated Kerotest meter sets

Meter Sets

Pre-Fabricated Rotary / Turbine Meter Sets
  • Built to customer specifications
  • Comprised of Kerotest-proven maintenance-free Weldball, gate and needle valves, and tee strainers
  • One-stop ordering and quick turnaround
  • TQM quality procedures during assembly
  • Constructed of the highest quality materiials
  • Pre-fabricated meter sets improve the efficiency of customer operations by dramatically reducing assembly, installation, and testing times
  • Customer-specified coating applied before shipping

Benefits & Features

Kerotest meter sets are built in a controlled, clean environment that assures perfect fits, tight joints, API 1104 welds and 100% factoring testing. The highest quality components are precisely measured and perfectly assembled, and delivered to the job site. Customers also enjoy the cost and time savings realized by eliminating field fabrication of meter sets, and factory pressure testing assures no leaks, eliminating costly rework.


  Weldball Carbon Steel Ball ValvesKerotest Products


Kerotest Weldball Gas Distribution Valves


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Weldball Full Port Carbon Steel Ball Valve

Weldball Weld End Full Port

Kerotest Weldball Gas Valves
  • Full port and reduced port gas distribution ball valves
  • Class 150 Reduced Port Sizes: 3/4" through 12"
  • Class 150 Full Port Sizes: 2" through 10"
  • Class 300 Reduced Port Sizes: 3/4" through 8"
  • Class 300 Full Port Sizes: 2" through 8"
  • Pressure-temperature ratings are per API 6D
  • Production welding meets ASME boiler and pressure vessel code, section IX requirements
  • Butt weld, flanged, and weld by flange configurations
  • Weldball valves meet or exceed the applicable requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Part 192
  • Zero leaks, no maintenance, and no required lubrication or adjustments
  • Each valve is high-pressure air tested to ensure integrity and leak tightness

Weldball Standard Port Carbon Steel Ball Valve

Weldball Flanged End Standard Port


Benefits & Features

In some of the most extensive tests performed on a valve, the Kerotest Weldball® Gas Distribution Valve consistently meets and exceeds industry standards for design and performance. For use in distribution services, meter and regulator stations, system blow down applications, hot tap applications, and other applications that demand a positive shut-off.

The Weldball Class 150 & Class 300 rated gas distribution ball valves feature the exclusive Ultra-Stop design. This unique stop collar design eliminates the need for a shear pin and facilitates easier stem packing replacement. The failure torque of the Ultra-Stop design provides the ultimate over-torque protection when operating a WELDBALL valve. The unique design assures that the stop action occurs below the locking plate surface, not on the top where debris could impede the square from turning.


  Ductile Iron BallKerotest Products


Ductileball Ductile Iron Ball Valve


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Ductile Iron Ball Valve

Ductileball Iron Ball Valves

Kerotest Ductileball Iron Ball Valves
  • 1/4 turn operation
  • Standard port sizes: 2", 3", 4", and 6"
  • Reduced port sizes: 2"
  • Low operating torque
  • Blowout proof stem
  • Dual stem o-ring seals
  • Carbonized PTFE (Teflon®) seat seals for leak-proof shutoff
  • Proven seat design ensures long life

Benefits & Features

The Kerotest Ductileball line of ductile iron ball valves for the gas distribution industry are built with the highest standards. The Kerotest valve is maintenance-free and no lubrication is required to maintain positive shut-off. Standard stainless steel locking plate allows the valve to be locked in full-open or full-close postition to ensure safe operation.


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