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Water carried with air into tools or machines where air is being used will wash away lubricating oil. This means excessive wear to motors and bearings and, in the end, higher maintenance expense. Without adequate lubrication, tools - especially pneumatic hammers, drills, hoists and sand rammers - will run sluggishly and inefficiently, because the wearing surfaces are limited in size and the accelerated wear creates air leakage.

Where air is used for paint spraying, enameling, food agitation and related processes, water and/or oil cannot be tolerated. Nor can particles of grit or scale. In instrument air systems, water will tend to cling to small orifices and collect dirt, leading to erratic operation or failure of sensitive devices.

When water gathers at low points in pipelines, it reduces the air-carrying capacity of the line. Eventually, airflow over the water will propel the water along the line, touching off water hammer and potential damage from a high-speed slug of water entering a tool. In cold weather, accumulations of water may freeze and burst lines.

While there are a variety of options for compressed air system drainage, properly installed drain traps are the key to removing liquid continuously and automatically without wasting air or gas.

 Inverted Bucket Compressed Air Drain Traps

Inverted Bucket


Armstrong Inverted Bucket Drain TrapsInverted Bucket Drain Trap (BVSW Series)

For Heavy Oil/Water Service

For loads to 6,500 lb/hr (2948 kg/hr) . . . Pressures to 650 psig (45 bar)

Armstrong inverted bucket drain traps are designed for systems where heavy oil and dirt may be encountered. The enlarged bucket vent equipped with a scrub wire (BVSW) allows free flow through the bucket vent and discharge through the orifice in the top of the trap.


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 See-Thru Drain Traps

1-LDC Series


Series 1-LDC See-Thru Liquid DrainerSeries 1-LDC See-Thru Liquid Drainer

For loads to 1,500 lb/hr (690 kg/hr). . . Pressures to 150 psig (10 bar)

Now, you can literally see what you've been missing - the early warning signs of a drain trap or system problem. Since you'll know the operating condition of a drain trap, you won't waste time and money scheduling maintenance that isn't needed. In other words, you'll be able to react to a condition before it becomes a problem.

A simple ball float mechanism needing no electricity to operate, the 1-LDC discharges automatically only when liquid is present. That means no air loss as with timed devices, which open even when liquid is not present. Moisture in a compressed air system causes problems. Getting the water out - automatically, reliably - builds greater efficiency into your system.


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 See-Thru Liquid Drainers for Ozone Applications

1-LDCW Series


Armstrong 1 LDCW Series See-Thru Liquid Drainer for Ozone Applications 1-LDCW See-Thru Liquid Drainer for Ozone Applications

A See-Thru Body - So You'll Know When it's Working

For pressures to 150 psig (10 bar) or specific gravity down to 0.80

Efficient Operation: Simple ball-float mechanism doesn't need electricity to operate. The liquid drainer automatically discharges liquid when it is present. No air or gas is lost, as with manual draining.

Positive Seating: The free-floating valve mechanism ensures positive seating, so it prevents liquid loss. There are no fixed pivots to wear or create friction, and wear points are heavily reinforced for long life.

Corrosion Resistance: The long-lasting PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) cap provides trouble-free operation. Stainless steel internal parts resist corrosion and reduce maintenance.


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 Pneumatically Operated Liquid Drainers

ADP-1 Series


Armstrong ADP-1 Pneumatically Operated Liquid DrainerADP-1 Pneumatically Operated Liquid Drainer

Ideal for Oil/Water Separators

Large 100-oz. See-Thru Reservoir

The ADP-1 is a natural extension of Armstrong's BVSW (bucket vent scrub wire) and ball-float liquid drain traps. Since it uses a separate air source to open a discharge valve, the ADP-1 can open a large valve, regardless of the internal pressure in the liquid drainer, while still maintaining its low profile. The major wear points in this simple system are the piston and ball valve, and years of dependable service have proved the reliability of both.

The ADP-1 offers a standard test switch that is an added cost on competitive models. In addition, only Armstrong offers a standard needle-style vent valve. Optional "legs" mount to the bottom or side of the ADP-1, allowing the drainer to be raised off the floor - or even secured to a column or wall. What's more, all control hardware is mounted external to the pressure vessel. That means there's no need to open the unit to service or replace valves or tubing.


  • Legs
  • Mechanical cycle counter
  • Heater

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