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Showerheads - HydroGuard Showerheads

A complete assortment of commercial grade shower heads featuring fixed head, adjustable, wall mount, vandal resistant and ABS
Standards: ANSI A112.18.1M, CSA B125
Product Specification - ABS, Ball Joint, Non-Adjustable
Product Specification - Adjustable Brass - Small & Large Diameter
Product Specification - Adjustable Brass, Male
Product Specification - Adjustable Brass Shower Pattern and Male Thread
Product Specification - Low Flow
Product Specification - Wall Mount - 25° Fixed Head
Product Specification - Wall Mount - 30° Fixed Head
Product Specification - Wall Mount, Ball-Joint, Adjustable

Arm & Flange - HydroGuard Arm & Flange
Standard and deluxe arms and flanges, chrome plated
Product Specification - Deluxe with set screw on flange
Product Specification - Standard
Handshowers - HydroGuard Handshowers
Hand showers for every requirement featuring a wide variety of shower designs, hose styles and grab bars. ADA compliant models available.
Standards: ANSI A112.18.1M, CSA B125
Product Specification - 24 and 36 in. Stainless Grab Bar, Handspray
Product Specification - Deluxe Hand Spray, 24, 30 and 48 in. Glide Rails, Metal Hose
Product Specification - European Handspray, Metal Hose, 23 in. Wall Bar
Product Specification - Handspray, 24 or 30 in. Glide Rails, Volume Control
Product Specification - Handspray, Metal Hose, 2 Wall Hooks
Product Specification - Handspray, Metal Hose, 24 in. Glide Rail
Tub Spouts - HydroGuard Tub Spouts
Diverter, non-diverter models in brass and ABS, 1/2" or 3/4".
Standards: ANSI A112.18.1M, CSA B125
Product Specification - Brass, 1/2" IPS, Diverter
Product Specification - Brass, 3/4" IPS. Diverter
Product Specification - Metal, 1/2" IPS, Diverter
Product Specification - Metal, 1/2" IPS, Non-Diverter
Product Specification - Metal, 1/2" Slip Fit, Diverter
Checkstops - HydroGuard Checkstops
Rugged brass valves ease valve repair and minimize risk of cross flow. Sweat and threaded versions, straight or angle designs.
Product Specification - 1/2 in. IPS, Angled w/Strainer, Brass or Chrome
Product Specification - 1/2 in. IPS & Sweat, Straight, Concealed
Installation Instructions
Vacuum Breaker - HydroGuard Vacuum Breakers
In-line or elevated models for hand showers and other commercial applications.
Standards: ANSI A112.18.1M, CSA B125
Product Specification - In-Line
Product Specification - Wall Mount, Elevated

Thermometer - HydroGuard Thermometers
Stainless dial thermometers for use with HydroGuard master mixing valves and systems
Product Specification - Short Bulb, 3-Color and Plain Dials
Product Specification - Stainless Steel, 3-Color and Black
Installation Instructions for 131-251


Diverters - HydroGuard Diverters
Concealed and exposed diverters for multi-spray/outlet applications
Standards: ANSI A112.18.1M, CSA B125
Product Specification - 3-Port, Concealed
Product Specification - 3-Port, Exposed for Shower Arm
Mechanical Mixer - HydroGuard Mechanical Mixer
Under-the-Counter mechanical mixer with 3/8 in compression inlets/outlet and integral checks for lavatory applications.
Standards: CSA B125
Product Specification
Remodeling Plates - HydroGuard Remodeling Plates
Stainless and chrome plated remodeling escutcheons for use with all PowersTM bath and shower valves.
Product Specification - Remodeling Plate for 410, e700 and 900
Product Specification - Remodeling Plate for e420
Volume Control - HydroGuard Volume Control
Shower head volume regulator. Chrome plated.
Product Specification
Quick Disconnect - HydroGuard Quick Disconnect
Quick release house coupling. Chrome plated.
Product Specification

High Temperature Flow Reduction - HydroGuard HT115
High temperature shut-off device designed to provide thermostatic protection for the shower.
Standards: ASSE 1062
Sales Brochure and Product Specification
High Temperature Alarm - AquaSentry2 460 Series
Monitors for high or low temperature conditions. The system utilizes an accurate solid state temperature sensor and microprocessor based digital circuitry to sense and report abnormal temperature conditions. Standard sensing range is 40°F (4°C) to 199°F (93°C) switchable. The alarm panel can be mounted remotely and provides both audible and visual indication of alarm condition. With the addition of a solenoid, the system can perform an emergency shutdown

A unique latching circuit is used so that the alarm holds despite a return to normal condition. This feature indicates that a dangerous condition did exist. After return to normal, that reset button must be depressed to cancel the alarm. The system will only return to normal if condition has been corrected. The alarm module can be panel-mounted or recessed in a wall, the same as a standard 4" x 4" electrical wall box.

The Series 460 AquaSentry2 Alarm System meets the standards for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JHACO) and the Accreditation Council for Services for Mentally Retarded and Other Developmentally Disabled Persons(ACMRDD).
Standards: UL